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New Orleans Saints Linebacker De Mario Davis has joined Cameron Jordan and Mark Ingram on a podcast.Truss levelUse to tell the story behind the player.

De Mario explains that living in Mississippi was not an easy place to do things. Being ranked last in education is a challenge in itself. Faced with a stereotypical flood and adding the challenge of being a minority, De Mario Davis faced an obstacle that many find too discouraged. Anyway, De Mario embraced his growth in a small town full of broken dreams. Mississippi has shaped Davis into a perfect human being, both inside and outside the field.

“It’s another guy. There are a few things you’ll notice about a’bite’ guy,” Davis said. First, you will notice our accent — you will always pick it up. The second is that the country will become stronger. But the third is that the tip on the shoulder will be different. When it came out of the mud, nothing was handed over. “

Perhaps the tip has become a bag around his shoulder. De Mario Davis, an outstanding high school wide receiver, thrived until his fourth grade. After being kicked out of school, the coach offered him a defense. The coach at the time saw something at Davis. Davis initially hated defense, but the game slowed down to win a scholarship in Arkansas. Not exactly a mecca for college football, but it gave him the opportunity to leave the state and prove himself.

“When I entered college — I was banished from school for stealing when I was in high school and put a freshman in college in jail. So I was at the end of the spectrum, you’re saying Did you know that? The last time I was in jail, I felt like I thought, “If you keep going down this route, you’ll either die or be in jail for a long time.”

Eventually, Davis looked back on his life and gave it to Christ. An Arkansas minister (Chuck Masselroy) led him and began asking him tough questions. Everything starts to change. He became a game student and watched not only game movies, but also his opponent’s clips every week. His play promoted him, NFL combine..Still, Davis was ranked about 9th on all linebackers entering 2012. NFL draft.. Being selected in the third round left a good reason to hold the tip on his shoulder.

A few years later, his secret position became one of the most popular linebackers to become a high-value, unlimited free agent in 2018.

Without Aaron Glenn, who was a defensive back coach at the time, Davis might have gone somewhere. Glenn confirmed that Davis had definitely obtained his nomination to the saints. “I was watching how many swaggers everyone had,” Davis said. Knowing Drew Brees is going to raise 40. That defense creates a turnover. I’m like a “man” they have a lot of energy, I’m definitely trying to be part of it. “

The rest is history. Davis is currently one of the best linebackers in the league. Most importantly, he is proud to be called a spiritual leader in the locker room. A man many players are seeking advice. His actions are more eloquent than words, with countless community efforts. In addition, his unwavering hope was shown nationwide, showing that he was having a hard time caring for his daughter with retinoblastoma with Group E tumors. Cancer, a harsh word that no one wants to hear. Indeed, parents never think of the idea that their child has it.

As a result, the daughter left the harsh reality of losing her eyes. The Davis family feels that they are fortunate to put a lot of burden on their daughter with their wife during their follow-up visit.

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The elasticity of DeMario Davis goes far beyond American football The elasticity of DeMario Davis goes far beyond American football

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