The Eldenling community is a meme-filled mess

Just a few days ago, The Game Awards 2020 unveiled a series of trailers for the long-awaited game, including the new Perfect Dark, Back 4 Blood like Left 4 Dead, and Dreamy Open Roads. But for some, the most notable games have rarely appeared. FromSoftware’s latest project, Eldenling, won the most anticipated game award but didn’t receive any new details or trailers. As a result, the gaming community exploded in a meme meltdown with no signs of an outage.

For clarity, Elden Ring subreddit is a surprisingly non-toxic environment compared to other video game spaces on the internet, and most memes and posts in the community are all fun. Still, there was definitely a sense of deflation in subreddit when the Game Awards ended without game updates. One of the top posts on subreddit has always come shortly after the event ended, and it speaks for itself:

Another highly rated post from the game award night shows Subreddit’s expression, which gives the game director Hidetaka Miyazaki the most anticipated game award, but Miyazaki casually puts it behind him. Throw without, Star Wars Last Jedi-based template. Yet another is like the summoned pentagram created in the previous three Dark Souls games, Bloodborne, and Sekiro. A well-known figure in the Souls community, Vaati tweeted that the Eldenling team was “very happy” to receive this award and joked that “we are looking forward to receiving it again in 2021.” Said.

Since The Game Awards aren’t published, the community is divided into two major factions, Woopers and Hollows. Hollows is a longtime user of the forum, named after what the community calls “The Hollowing”. This has been going on for 1.5 years since the first release of the Elden Ring via trailer at E3 2019. New attachment to subreddit water / ground type Pokemon It seems to come from a joke post declaring that the Elden Ring community is currently devoted to Woopers, as there are no updates to Elden Ring. The joke was from the Game Awards hosting an ongoing Pokemon GO event featuring the Woopers. Temporarily, Wooper-themed memes dominate subreddit, and mods now create Wooper user flares to compete with Hollow flares.

In addition to the striking stream of fan art that the community calls “fake folklore,” some fans are imagining what the actual game will include based on FromSoft’s previous work. , Some users speculate that this will debut in a fictitious new folklore at the Taipei Game Show on January 28, 2021. An unconfirmed hint from VentureBeat reporter Jeff Grubb, allegedly a leak from ResetEra, seems to support this rumor, but it’s not concrete. Elden Ring subreddit users replied to the thread with “oooooh”, a meme sound from the original trailer that fans use to show excitement. Other users are skeptical. “Eldenling will debut at the WWE Royal Rumble in January.”

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