The Elder Scrolls: Blades updated (version 1.10), patch notes

The Elder Scrolls: Blades has received the latest update to Switch. Version 1.10 includes new event quests, improvements, bug fixes and more.

Below is a complete patch note:

New event quest!

  • Two new events await players on the land beyond the Cursed Portal.
  • Complete these events and defeat Mad God’s own Golden Saints to win Sigil.
  • Keep in mind that there will be more events next month!

Celebrate the New Life Festival!

  • Enjoy daily events from December 24th to January 2nd.
  • Be sure to collect free Stone Tooth Bash Chicken Decorations from the store.

New winter sale bundle!

  • New Life Bundle: 1,000 gems, 50,000 gold, 2 new life banners, 2 peridot beacons, 2 garnet beacons.
  • Saturalia Bundle: 4,750 gems, 20 scrolls of resurrection, Saturalia tree, Grand Saturalia tree, Saturalia gloves.
  • Celebration Dragon Bundle: One Legendary Chest, 9,000 Gem, Dragon Snow Globe, Ice Dragon Bust.
  • Golden Life Bundle: 1 Golden Chest, 1,100 Gem, Storm Cloak Banner.
  • Elder Life Bundle: 1 Elder Chest, 1,925 Gem, Ice Unicorn, Ice Cagit.
  • Legend Life Bundle: 1 Legendary Chest, 4,600 Gem, Ice Mammoth, Ice Elk.

New mentor pack!

  • A special offer for level 11-20 players from the old grizzling blade master.
  • Mentor Pack: Enforcer Breast Plate, Ax of Ancestors, 25,000 Gold, 900 Gem, 10 Scrolls Revival, 450 Copper, 1,000 Timber, 1,000 Limestone.

New work of Sigil store!

  • Complete the Golden Saint weapon set.
  • New Legendary Item: Purifier Cocoon

Improvement points

  • Quest Map: Improved camera pan when using maps.
  • Quest: Added a label to the exit of the dungeon.
  • Quests: Players will now be able to receive a fourth quest to find the Sorcerer King’s hideout, even if the hideout has already been placed.

Bug fixes

  • Arena: Fixed a player-side block animation that wasn’t displayed correctly.
  • Menu: Fixed a bug where players would be control-locked in the Level Up Reward menu.
  • Menus: Fixed crash and control lock issues on various menus and interface screens.
  • Quest Map: Fixed a crash caused by reorienting the device before the quest icon was loaded
  • Quest Map: Fixed a bug where the skull difficulty was not displayed for some quests / jobs
  • Quest Map: Unlock the quest to find the Sorcerer King’s hideout that is now correctly displayed on the map.
  • Switch: Fixed Nintendo Switch authentication issue
  • Switch: Updated switch controller blocking procedure

The Elder Scrolls: Blades are available for Switch via the e-shop.

Thanks to Cameron for the tip.


The Elder Scrolls: Blades update out now (version 1.10), patch notes

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