THE ENCHANTING PHANTOM (2020) Review and overview of romantic horror in China

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Enchanting phantom Is a 2020 Chinese romantic fantasy horror movie about the naive scholar Nin who falls in love with the beautiful devil.

It is based on the classic short story Nee Xiaotian from the “Strange Stories from a Chinese” collection, directed by Lin Zenzao and authored by Pu Songling. Movie stars Eleanor Li, Chen Shin Shu, Wa Yuen, Norman Chu, Tat Wa Rock, Steven Cheung, Ji Hong Wan, Chuncheon Chan.

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“It works as a horror movie because not all horror needs to be about violence and blood. It’s a bit unconventional, but it works as a romantic movie, because the underlying folk tales are soaked in tradition. , Acts as a fantasy movie. It is always compared Chinese ghost story, But they share the same character and are based on the same folklore, but not exactly the same story. ” Asian movie fans

“The cinematographer of Xia Xiaoming and the art direction of Yang Shuai and Zhong Weixi are also limited to the descent to the underground Black Mountain, which skillfully uses light, fog, emptiness, and brutality, especially in the best scenes of the film. Making the most of the means. Ching Siu Tong’s original outfit. It’s a shame that the movie’s reach is beyond the finale’s grasp. Asian movies attack

“Unfortunately, the CGI here is terrible, even though it’s very good in most movies. […] And that’s a shame Enchanting phantom There are many things to do. Eleanor Lee is very attractive in the title role. And there are some great set designs. In particular, the territory of the Black Mountain Demon and the abandoned temple that fights the giant demon and small whipping partners Angel and Devil. ” Voice from the balcony

Original title:

Lady Ghost: Humanity

Qian nü youhun: Ren jian qing

Alternative title:

Chinese Ghost Story: Human Love


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THE ENCHANTING PHANTOM (2020) Review and overview of romantic horror in China

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