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The European market is leading the larger open.Stocks and fear

European stocks should open on Monday, but global Economy Dominated by market sentiment. The FTSE index is 34 points higher at 7,422. 14,099 DAX129. CAC 40 with 51 points at 6,312. FTSE MIB190 is above 23,899. Higher openness is expected in Europe after the regional markets closed on Friday after a volatile trading week. Despite high closing prices, European equities still recorded a negative week. US stocks fell on Friday. This led to increased losses at the beginning of the week and put the S & P 500 Bear on the edge of the market.

Since Sunday, US stock futures have risen in overnight trading. The Dow fell in the eighth week of sales in a wide range of markets. Stocks in the Asia Pacific region on Monday were mixed. Global concerns have been felt among investors.

The World Economic Forum will begin this week in Davos, bringing together political and business leaders from around the world. This year’s summit will be held a few years after the COVID-19 pandemic against the backdrop of the Russian invasion. UkraineThis could be at the top of the agenda.

Why Chinese stocks sink

Chinese stocks fell on Monday. Beijing has published the largest number of cases recorded during the current explosion of COVID-19. The CSI300 Index fell 1.1% to 4.034.00 and the Shanghai Composite Index fell 0.5% to 3.131.85. The Hang Seng Index fell 1.9% to 20,317.16. The Hong Kong and China Enterprise Index was down 2.2% to 6.966.35. There has been some resistance since the Shanghai Composite Index recovered more than 200 points on its recent axis.

Meanwhile, the Chinese capital announced 99 new infections on Sunday. Real estate developers decreased by 3%. Travel agencies and spirits each fell by about 2%, while new energy fell by 1.5%. Analysts estimate that the market still has some challenges and that more aggressive basic catalysts are needed for further profits. Chinese regulators said Friday that they would simplify the issuance of capital and bonds by pandemic-affected companies. Brokers and fund managers have also been urged to move more money to areas and sectors affected by the virus.

A wider range of Asian stocks were also under pressure. Constant concerns about inflation and rising interest rates are strengthening the outlook for the global economy. Technical giants listed in Hong Kong have lost more than 3%. Alibaba fell 4.6%, making it the most significant fall in the Hang Seng Index. Shares in China Hong Chao Group and Orient Overseas have skyrocketed by more than 6%.

Nikkei in Japan

The Nikkei rose to 27,047.47 shortly after its opening, just 25 points away from its one-month peak. But it has disappeared. The morning session was 0.5% higher, at 26,872.01, ending near the lowest level of the day. Topix increased by 0.6% to 1.888.67. According to market participants of domestic securities companies, price increases will not be easy without new trademarks. Most investors want to see how Wall Street starts on Sunday. Nikkei is planning four sessions due to growing concerns.

S & P 500 E-mini futures rose about 0.8% on Monday. However, after a volatile day in US stocks on Friday, the benchmark ended the session. Nikkei’s 141 shares rose 141 from the index. 78 fell and 6 remained unchanged.

Financials forecasts a cross-sectional profit of 2.08%. Tokyo Marine Holdings surged 8.08% after earnings forecasts exceeded analysts. The second and third best performers were Peers Sompo Holdings and MS & D Insurance Group Holdings. It increased by 8.01% and 6.27%, respectively. The only Nikkei subsectors that fell were energy and basic materials. The first retreat was 0.42% and the second retreat was 0.14%.

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The European market is leading the larger open.Stocks and fear The European market is leading the larger open.Stocks and fear

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