The exclusive look of Marvel’s X-Corp, a comic where the X-Men is your new boss

The X-Men is known for many things, such as star-cross romance, very messy family dynamics, time travel, and switching recreation every few years, but one of the lesser-known qualities is Don’t be afraid. Some businesses. Like a literal business.

X-CorpThe next Marvel comic, written by Chini Howard in Albert Foch’s art, is a pace change from the vast action science fiction of other X-books, led by the former X-Men, known as Angel and Monesent Croix. Standing Mutant Kind’s bold entry into the corporate world.

But what does X-Men Comic’s new Krakoan-era business look like, forming its own society on the island where mutants live and humanity being very nervous about the new state of affairs?

I talked to writer Tini Howard to find out and got four exclusive pages. X-Corp # 1, Marvel Comics Courtesy, you can read below.

Can you tell us a bit about Warren and Monet’s business insights? How do they compliment each other in your mind?

The difference between them is not a coincidence. Writing Comics Part of this game is finding characters to put together in new and interesting situations. The characters compliment each other in a whole new but classic way and feel “they should do it sooner”. M and angel are for “T”. It’s easy to see which is the “good cop” and which is the “bad cop”, but in reality, each is waging an internal war. They both have incredible business insight, a lot of power and trust in them. They are both incredibly threatening — but they are also trying to position themselves as the most benevolent race ambassadors on the planet — it’s a challenge. And visually, it’s almost literally red oni and blue oni. It’s a visual medium. It earns points.

Much has happened in the world between the publication of this book and its creation — any of the current events last year or so that have influenced changes in your plans? ??

I have become a better writer. It’s not that I’m playful — it’s true, and people around me tell me when I need to go back to the gym before I can lift the story I’m trying to carry Thank you for being in. It sounds like someone told me I was bad or something — they weren’t, that’s the point. I kept trying to market this story, and it was good, but it wasn’t right — so instead of saying, “Sorry, you failed,” the door remained open. That’s this kind of office — we trust you. We have space for your story. And I don’t want you to tell me until you’re ready.

So, like the six months of a pandemic, I spent the 22nd event jointly halfway to the world. Then I felt exhausted, but I got stronger. It’s a little more possible to find a story in my mind. So I wrote a better story, and that’s what you can read now.

I’m not the biggest angel head, but I feel he’s mainly known for making live trades, being tortured frequently, and feeling some sort of internal pain. (To be honest, it’s not that unusual for the X-Men). Is there any aspect you would like Warren to see more?

I feel that angels are, in essence, competent, loyal, and wise. He is trained and loved like any other O5, but he has never played a leading role like Scott or Beast, rather than an Omega mutant like Jean or Bobby. I think he needs that turn — we need to see him as a leader as any other O5. His mutations are purely physical and affect the way he travels the world, but instead of making him huge, he makes him so beautiful, you make him so beautiful in his life You wouldn’t think you’ve had a bad day at. But he is still a mutant. And he wants to use everything he has for his people — and this is the best he has.

Monet Empire: X-Men About doing business like “mutants, not humans”: X-Corp?? Can mutants create new ways to do business?

definitely.It’s one of the core concepts of X-Corp, The mutant does not have to operate at the same level of rarity as humans. Mutants are abundant, vast, and becoming unique four-dimensional creatures. They don’t have to deny the receptionist’s salary increase to provide the CEO with what they want. That is the true power.

What are you interested in about the strange corporate side of the X-Men?I love books that dive into it All-new X Factor, Although I’m having a hard time explaining why they make perfect sense to the X-Men.

I couldn’t agree anymore!Beloved All-new X Factor.. And I also have a hard time explaining it. I’m a fan of science fiction and I think the X-Men plays a great sci-fi story.That’s what I really wanted to do early on, I was a fan of the concept X-Corp Since its founding New X-Men, And I wanted to revive it with Cracoa. I’m a big fan of Iron Man and a big fan of Norman Osborn, so Marvel’s money-making characters are always intriguing to me.

How many corps are there X-Corp?? Is there anything you are particularly interested in about corporate culture or modern corporate perceptions that you would like to explore here?

Tons. For both of those questions. I spent a lot of time in the world before I stopped writing, and a few years away, I’m always fascinated by what really moves. It’s not just a handshake or a deal. Someone’s bad day, someone’s late lunch, someone’s secret shame-these are what makes people sign a contract. And they are about power. If you look at any of these shows that are clearly a big inspiration for me here — Inheritance, Silicon valley, Etc. — You see it over and over again. Amounts fly around — they are temporary. It’s a fight. Who will fall? Who bites who’s neck?

The magical side of the mutant dam showed how weird companions can be made X of Swords And Excalibur — That’s what I’m looking forward to X-Corp As it expands Reign of X In the business world?

Do you know? It’s about pricing something — in theory anyone can come to buy it.

Finally, the big word I hear repeatedly every time a company is discussed is “suspicion.”Is that what you want to play X-Corp?? Should we doubt what we are about to see?

The suspicions are very exciting! Everyone doubts is one of the best feelings you can feel while reading a story. I think you are hellishly suspicious. No one believes. Governance of X, baby.

X-Corp Released on May 12th.

Image: Alberto Foche / Marvel

Monet St. Croix meets Jamie Madrox, multiple man in preview art for X-Corp # 1, Marvel Comics (2021)

Image: Alberto Foche / Marvel

Monesent Croix rescues Trinary with preview art from X-Corp # 1, Marvel Comics (2021)

Image: Alberto Foche / Marvel

Monesent Croix destroys computer in front of Trinary and Multiple Man in X-Corp # 1, Marvel Comics (2021) preview art

Image: Alberto Foche / Marvel

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