The Fall Guys mid-season update is live with remixed challenges and a whole new stage •

Large fans join a small hammer along the way.

More than a month after Fall Guys’ second season, the very popular Knockabout action has a vague medieval flair, but now developer Mediatonic is back with a mid-season update. With various improvements, round variations, and a new stage known as a big fan.

When it comes to remixes, both Season 2 and the Classic Round are tickled with refresh sticks, with a particular focus on medieval injections such as spiky rollers and swing sickles on the familiar stages. Plus, expect fruity surprises and gasps with the new wildly spinning poles of Perfect Match-it looks as cheerful as it means.

But if it’s the new stage you’re looking for, Fall Guys 2.5 covers you with big fans, following the so-called unsuccessful attempt at the game. Uncontrollable Twitter feed Change the brand name for fans only.

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Fall Guys-Season 2 Midseason Update Trailer.

“Take the wobbling tension of SeeSaw, but fill it with a rapidly spinning blade and an unhealthy amount of dive jump opportunities,” Mediatonic explains in a new round. The ratio of beans per blade is not officially safe and it is highly recommended to consider carefully. “

Elsewhere, the Fall Guys 2.5 update currently released on PlayStation 4 and PC fixes many bugs and other annoying issues, as outlined in Mediatonic’s patch notes. The developers also warn of rumors that a pint-sized hammer known as Lil Yeety was found roaming the Blunderdome, so keep your wisdom.

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