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Dark Horse Comics has announced that its latest video game tie-up, God of War: Fallen God, will debut later this year.

The first issue of their miniseries was published on March 10th and was written by Chris Robertson, who also wrote the previous Dark Horse God of War comic.

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What makes Fallen God particularly interesting is that it bridges the gap between the 2018 God of War soft reboot and the original trilogy. The latest game in the series suggests how Kratos went into the Nordic territory after wasting it on ancient Greece, but lacks a chapter that hasn’t been explored in detail. The Fallen God appears to act as a link between God of War III and God of War, as outlined in its propaganda.

Can a man be freed from his past? Can the passage of time wash away the bloody sand of sin? Or does the trespassing that occurs permanently and inevitably pollute your soul?

After conquering Zeus and stopping Athena, Kratos believes he was finally released from his bondage. He set sail for the desert in an attempt to keep himself away from his home and felt his shame to find his anger and guilt immediately behind him. Kratos rages at one enemy who has proven unconquerable: himself. However, the battle with myself cannot be won, it only causes madness.

Dark Horse Comics also unveiled the cover of the first issue of God of War: The Fallen God, as seen below. The artwork depicts a version of Kratos in which he appears in an old game, wielding a chain blade and rocking its chin strap. He also bears the same torso scar (probably from the last scene of God of War III).

Last year, Sony announced the sequel to the 2018 God of War, God of War: Ragnarok. Expected to be available later this year, it only has a simple teaser and logo.

Source: Dark Horse Comics

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God of War: Fallen God comic will bridge gap with original game trilogy

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