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What else can I say at this point? Derrick Henry??

The 247-pound powerback in Tennessee, which played against the Houston Texans on Sunday, ran the season’s highest 250 yards. It was the end of the season when the Titans rode Henry to win the division title and AFC’s fourth seed. Next Sunday, the Titans will host another Runhappy team at the Baltimore Ravens. The game is a rematch of the 11th week’s contest, where Henry rushed to score 133 yards. Tennessee won the game 30-24, but if his team broke through 1,000 yards of Lamar Jackson, the first quarterback in NFL history, multiple times during the season, Henry would have to repeat the performance. You will have to.

This will take you to today’s quiz today. Henry’s massive 17th week match brought a rush of 2,027 yards during the season, making him the eighth best performer in history. With that in mind, how many of the players who rushed the most yards in the NFL season can be named in 5 minutes?

Good luck!

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“The fastest yard of the season” quiz “The fastest yard of the season” quiz

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