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The NHL 2021 season will start on January 13th and the training camp will start on January 3rd. It’s only two weeks away and looks like this: Some changes this season.. The team carries a taxi team of 4-6 players, one of which must be a goalkeeper. The meaning of the cap is a little unclear, Rangers Carrying more players than usual.So what to do NY Rangers The lineup on the first day may look like this.


Let’s assume that the top 6 remain as expected in this exercise. The bottom six are interesting. There are really only 11 forward “confirmed” lineup spots. Perhaps taking into account the two-forward taxi team, it needs to fill three more spots. In the end, we probably get something like this:

Chris Crider-Mika Jibanejad-Pabel Buchnevic
Artemi Panalin-Ryan StromCapo parenthesis
Alexis La Frenière-Philip Kitil-Julian Gotye
Brendan Remu-Brett HordenKevin Rooney
Philip Di Giuseppe-Colin Blackwell

Both Howden and Looney play in the center or wing, so you can flip them over on line 4 if needed.The big omission here is Morgan Baron And Patrick Hodrenco. This is just my guess, but the full season at AHL may be more beneficial to them than staying with the taxi team. This means they need to beat Horden and Looney.It’s feasible, but we’ve seen David QuinnHis love for Horden influenced his previous decisions.


This is difficult. The right defense is set, but the one in the air is the left defense. Let’s also assume that the Rangers have at least two additional defenses in their taxi corps. If you can call it a set, only that top pair will appear to be set on the stone.

Ryan LindgrenJacob Torva
Talmo RoynanenAdam fox
Jack JohnsonTony D’Angelo
Brendan Smith-Anthony Bitet

Yes, I expect Roinanen to form a team. This just plays the odds, as Roynanen has more prothrombin time for adults than Candre Miller, despite the high ceiling of the mirror. Like Baron and Hodrenco, Miller will probably benefit more from a year to adapt to the pros. I’m betting that Loinanen’s adjustments will be minimal.

Another omission Ribol Haiek.. You can’t see the Rangers keeping him on the taxi team unless he builds the team completely. It’s not too far to say that Roinanen is already good. That means he needs to beat Johnson for the last place.Think of JJ’s spot as a favorite of Jack Martin, This also seems unlikely.

As an aside, taking into account coach preferences is a dangerous game. Still I did it twice.


Easy one. The team will need to carry three goalkeepers this year.With Igor Sheschokin Alex Georgiev Divide the start with Keith Kincaid as the third goalkeeper.

Taxi corps

The paperwork is interesting. The taxi team is an AHL player and travels with the team. They receive AHL salary and are exempt. Before the COVID issue came to the fore, Blueshirts could carry spare forwards (Di Giuseppe?) And defensemen (Smith?) Anyway. They will probably do the same.

This opens an interesting cap scenario with Smith, Those who have one-way transactions.. This means he will get NHL money no matter what. The Rangers were able to play Cap Shenanigan and abandon him and place him on the taxi team. They release $ 1 million in cap space, Smith gets his money, and Smith still stays in the club for the taxi corps.

The NY Rangers opener lineup is still in the air, given some obvious roster holes. But given that it’s the same roster as last season, it’s somewhat predictable. The taxi corps wildcards will continue to be guessed by us until the pack drops. This may be a few weeks wild.

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The first crack in the New York Rangers season opener lineup with the taxi team The first crack in the New York Rangers season opener lineup with the taxi team

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