The first John Cena Peacemaker image gives us a look at the new squad

Even before The Suicide Squad hit the theater and HBO Max, it was known that one of the movie’s (anti) heroes, John Cena’s Peacemaker, would get a TV spin-off. You now have a first look image of the show.

Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive image of the Peacemaker series, which includes some familiar faces to anyone who has seen Suicide Squad.

Large spoilers for the suicide squad below

Who is the DC Peacemaker?John Cena’s suicide squad character description

This team may not look very good, but I know it’s definitely an elite because it’s a member of it #peacemaker

— HBO Max Peacemaker (@DCpeacemaker) September 13, 2021

Gunn says he doesn’t like to bring the character back after it looks dead, but it has become the worst enemy to show the show to Peacemaker. “I did exactly what other filmmakers don’t like when they do [it]”Gun told EW. “But I did! I have to endure the impact. It’s the best TV show people have ever seen.”

Peacemaker will premiere in January 2022 with an eight-episode season. He teams up with three new characters, a mercenary named Murn, a character named Vigilante, and a character named Adebayo.

Gunn wrote all episodes of Peacemaker and directed five episodes of the season. Meanwhile, Gunn is still Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 After reuniting with Marvel. Check out IGN’s The Suicide Squad review, which praised the irreverent view of Cancer’s DC villains.

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