The first part of Force Awakening story incorporates Rian Johnson’s ideas

Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo reveals a connection to Star Wars. The Force Awakening was also shaped by the last Jedi Rian Johnson.

Lucasfilm’s Pablo Hidalgo Star Wars Force Awakening Incorporated ideas from Rian Johnson. Star Wars Perhaps best known as one of the largest movie franchises of all time, it’s actually even bigger, the world’s most important transmedia, where the story spreads from one media to another. It is one of the franchises.This is the legacy of the old extended universe we saw Star Wars In the decade before the first part of the trilogy was released, we embraced the possibilities of books, manga and computer games.

In 2015, when Lucasfilm began marketing its release Star Wars Force Awakening, They have incorporated various tie-up books and comics into their buildups. Under the banner “Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” 19 novels and manga were published, telling stories that helped set the stage for the sequel.The most important of these Claudia Gray PedigreeIt tells how Leia Organa’s political career ended when she felt the shadow of the dark side over the galaxy again. The book ended at an important moment in the history of the galaxy. Leia (now a political exile) has begun to form resistance to the upcoming primary threat.

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Lucasfilm’s fascinating discussion on Twitter Pablo Hidalgo Revealed the story beat of Pedigree Did not start with Star Wars Force Awakening Not the director JJ Abrams Star Wars: The Last JediRian Johnson. At some point during production, as Hidalgo explains, filmmakers are contacted by the Lucasfilm franchise about tie-up ideas. This was immediately said by Hidalgoguardrail“-What to avoid-and a real opportunity. Johnson Return of the Jedi Beginning with Star Wars Force Awakening, And some of it became a plot of Claudia Gray’s novel Pedigree.. Check out Hidalgo’s tweets below:

Pedigree Generally considered one of the best Star Wars Disney-era books, and Claudia Gray continued to write a few more novels for Lucasfilm-including some of their most important ties.Having a firm grasp of Princess Leia, she was asked to write. Leia: Princess of Alderan, The official story of how Leia first joined the rebellion, and Master & Apprentice -The story of Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi-Finally One chosen prophecy.. And Gray’s first book, the one that started her with Lucasfilm Publishing, seems to have its roots in Rian Johnson’s fertile imagination.

This director-led approach explains why the Lucasfilm publishing approach looks different from film to film.The best transmedia campaign ever Rogue One: Star Wars Story, James Luceno’s tie-up novel catalyst And Alexander Fried’s novelization perfectly complements the film and gives a complete history of Death Star’s construction.Meanwhile, Hidalgo with JJ Abrams Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalkers Writer Chris Terrio sketched the skeleton of what became Charles Soule’s tie-in comic. The rise of Kylo RenReleased and explored prior to the final movie of the sequel trilogy Kylo Ren falls to the dark side..Given that Lucasfilm is making some preparations, perhaps a similar approach has been adopted for the Disney + TV show partnership. Star Wars Books to connect Mandalorian..

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The first part of Force Awakening story incorporates Rian Johnson’s ideas

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