The first witcher can be stored for free with the GOG Galaxy download

Have you ever played The Witcher? It’s not the very popular third, but the 2008 series starter for CD Projekt. It’s a little ugly, a little jerky, and Geralt’s face doesn’t look that dashing. However, anyone who downloads the GOG Galaxy client will be able to use it for free and return to Geralt’s boots to get the crown.

I don’t know how I’m playing these days. But at least it gives you some good insights into the history of the studio, ahead of the release of Cyberpunk 2077 next week.

Rebooted last year as a kind of library for all other game libraries, GOG Galaxy is now offering Studio Breakout 2008 RPG for those who download (or update) the latest version of their clients. If you go to the Galaxy’s Recent tab and click on the banner, the game will appear in your library “after a while”.

According to this promotion page, you must agree to email updates and offers. It’s annoying, but once Geralt has settled down in the collection, you should imagine that you’re free to unregister.

The version available here is Enhanced Edition. It added some new missions, fixed a number of bugs, and fixed dangerous localizations in the original release. This is also the version that our old man Chiron reviewed for that day. In these games, I praised the game as a good old PC RPG in the dark, but still a bit of a gender mindset, well, nap.

“Game creators tend not to understand that they really deserve praise while setting up the game in a sexist world (characters are really terrible bastards) and add sexist mechanics. (Whenever you sleep with your character) you get those collectable cards that are posing for you) Weaken any serious intent you might have . “

Of course, I haven’t been kind to The Witcher the First for years. But it’s an interesting origin of the series, and it jumps into the heart of being a “witcher” in a streamlined way from later games. What’s more, Gerald’s game debut may have been a lot worse, as Blendy discovered a few years ago.

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The first Witcher is free to keep with a GOG Galaxy download

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