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The future of radar mobility confirms new reports

A new report detailing the important role radar plays in vehicle safety has been released by UK-based research firm IDTechEx (IDTE).

According to the findings, radar is important for achieving new Level 4 autonomy in both small and large vehicles.

The organization today has one or more radars built into more than 50% of new cars, but by 2042, all new cars will have multiple radars to become the major enabler of future mobility modes. Will be.

Today, front-mounted radar is essential to enable common advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) such as autonomous emergency braking (AEB) and adaptive cruise control (ACC).

Radar is a reliable sensor solution because it accurately measures the range and speed of a vehicle while being immune to darkness, bad weather and fog.

According to statistics compiled by the European Transport Safety Council, the active safety feature has already proven effective in reducing rear-end collisions by 45%, IDTE said.

Safety benefits have led to the promotion of automatic emergency braking on all new vehicles from regulatory agencies and safety agencies such as the European New Vehicle Assessment Program (Euro NCAP).

In a report titled “Automotive Radar 2022-2042,” IDTE said it has delved into the promotion of these regulations and, as a result, anticipates strong growth in radar adoption in the future.

One of the findings detailed in the IDTE report is that radar has consistently improved radar sensors from Tier 1 suppliers such as Bosch, Continental and Denso over the last decade, allowing radar to detect and measure distance ( LiDAR) It’s getting closer to the performance of technology.

According to IDTE, another driving force for radar sales is the emergence of higher levels of self-driving cars.

Level 3 vehicles are reportedly already on the roads in Japan and are expected to enter the European market in 2022.

Vehicles of Level 3 and above are expected to have at least five radars per vehicle, and each of these radars needs to perform better than ever.

The future of radar mobility confirms new reports The future of radar mobility confirms new reports

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