The Game Academy wants to help you use your gaming skills to get a job

Do you think your skills in management games, such as football manager skills, will make you better in your organization? Does a perfectly designed Stardew Valley Farm offer a creative solution to your organization’s problems? The Game Academy people believe that the answer to these questions is “yes” and this program aims to help you move your gaming skills to the right career.

The Game Academy is built by people who love games, have careers in education, human resources, and data science, and want to integrate these worlds to make up for the world’s lack of digital skills. Next year, the Game Academy will begin a direct partnership with employers with the aim of building their own educational qualifications.

For now, the program provides an analysis of game behavior regarding career-related skills, a set of unique challenges to help you hone those skills in the workplace, and then a job that suits your strengths. And the choice of educational opportunities are recommended. The system is built on an analysis of over 50,000 players and their careers.

“We know that gamers are the power to inspire tomorrow’s talent,” co-founder David Barry said in a press release. “Their digital skills, remote work, problem-solving, and other skills that are applied daily in-game are now defined as’future skills’, and pandemics have dramatically increased the demand for these talents. doing. Gamers are very talented and the games they play hone their skills – this is the focus of the game academy. “

For more information, please visit the official website of the Game Academy.

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