The Game Awards Future Class focuses on the 50 people who will shape the future of the gaming industry.

The Game Awards’ new initiative aims to highlight those who are making waves in the gaming industry and help shape their “bright, bold, and inclusive” future.

The complete list here shares the names and stories of 50 members of the gaming industry and brings together outstanding figures from developers to media, streamers, esports players and more.

“The Game Awards Future Class features a diverse group of builders, thinkers, and dreamers whose voices enhance and diversify the artistic form of the game, and their passion makes the industry stronger,” the press release explains. doing.

This list is full of names that game developers should pay attention to. You may already know like accessibility consultants, specialists, advocates Brandon Cole, Morgan Baker, Ian Hamilton, Randy Fitzgerald, Cherry Thompson, Steve Sailor.

The first class features developers like this: Mine CraftLead Gameplay Developer Agnes Larsson, Egg Nut Co-Founder Aleksandra Korabelnikova, 343 Industries Game Designer Fernando Reyes Medina, Capybara Games Lead Narrative Designer Kaitlin Tremblay, EA Comprehensive Design and Product Development Director Tülay Tetiker McNally, Game Director and Narrative Lead Xalavier Nally. , And many others.

Future Class will be featured during tonight’s Game Awards broadcast.

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