The Game Awards have an audio-guided accessibility mode

The Game Awards will be streamed on Thursday, December 10th at 3:30 pm PST / 6:30 pm EST. This is one of the most prestigious events in video games. Since its inception, the number of viewers has been increasing year by year, and I hope that more people will enjoy it this year. For the first time, the Game Awards include a special audio description mode in the stream.

The show’s creator and product, Geoff Keiighley, announced on December 5th, adding that this mode will be available from YouTube Gaming. In this mode, people with poor or poor eyesight can enjoy the show by detailing what is happening on stage.

Recently, games have improved accessibility for players with poor eyesight and provided audio description of menus and other texts.In the case of Watch Dogs Legion, the game has a narrator “press” [X] Default button at startup “.

This year, The Game Awards recognize the games that have made the greatest progress in accessibility. In addition to Watch Dogs Legion, other candidates this year include The Last of Us Part 2, Hyperdot, Grounded, and Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. For Grounded, one of its most innovative accessibility features is to redesign the spider so that arachnophobic players can enjoy it.

In addition to YouTube, The Game Awards are available on several other platforms and sites such as Twitch, Twitter, Facebook and GameSpot. Hey, that’s us! You can vote now to determine the winner.

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