The game now warns pre-order customers that not all PS5s will be delivered on the launch date • .net

Point your finger at the courier company Yodel.

British retailer Game sent an email to PlayStation 5 pre-order customers, warning that not all orders will be delivered tomorrow’s November 19th launch date, heading straight to courier Yodel. I took responsibility from.

“Our goal is always to get as many orders as possible in time for the release date, so we had to secure multiple courier companies to achieve this,” the game said on the PS5. I emailed the pre-order customer.

However, for “reasons beyond game control,” one company Yodel states that as a result of “network capacity issues,” not all PS5s can be delivered on the launch date. Elsewhere, the game suggests that these “delivery challenges” can be attributed not only to “product size”, but also to the huge amount of new PS5s in circulation before the launch date. I am.

Game emails received by members of the team.

It’s definitely a frustrating situation for everyone who secured the PlayStation 5 pre-order from the game with a reasonable assumption that it will arrive on the release date, and the company is directly from Yodel to see if the customer has an order. It is one of the ones that is affected by the delay that we are proposing to monitor the updates of the delivered deliveries.

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The game email said, “We apologize for all this disappointment, but we can guarantee that the console is packed and ready for delivery by one of the courier companies.” I conclude.

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