The game that won us by 2020

I confess, it’s been a while since I stopped building the Nintendo Switch island. Animal Crossing: New Horizons.. But that’s not because I didn’t enjoy all the digital friendships I made along the way. I visited my friend’s island and loved to drink their creativity for a long time.

I stopped because the UI of the game went crazy.Continue my adventure with Animal Forest Half of the time spent building a gorgeous island became less attractive when I realized that I would suffer from the details. Animal ForestUseless interface. It just takes too long to do something, and there is no simple quality of life improvement, such as a dot on an item to indicate if you already own it. It doesn’t seem to be in Nintendo. I’m interested in putting them there.

all right.Nintendo is about everything Laissez-faire Their approach to the game, and they absolutely want to encourage you to play a very specific style of gameplay as far away from Minimax as possible. There is no problem there.But I’m not looking for a way to “defeat” Animal Forest During the week that Nintendo is basically testing on the game’s Stoke Market, I’m looking for a way to avoid wasting time unnecessarily. You can enjoy the leisurely leisure of life on the island without having to repeat the same conversation for the 300th time. collect.

Although, Animal Crossing: New Horizons Helping my friend, I got over the first wave of the pandemic that is happening now, and I am grateful for it. Thanks, Tom Nook and # 1-villager-for-life, Dotty.

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