The genocide is a 90-minute “thrill ride,” says Andy Serkis.

directed by Andy serkis I confirmed a seemingly short execution time Venom: Let There Be Carnage And it provides the reasoning behind it.Recently, the following was reported Venom The sequel will clock in in 90 minutes without waste, making it the shortest Marvel movie ever. This is 22 minutes shorter than the original, and given that most modern superhero movies seem to regularly exceed the two-hour mark, Venom has little time to Dilly Dally before reaching action. It seems.

After all, it was the whole plan all the time.Serkis recently shed some new light on a 90-minute run time Venom: Let There Be Carnage, And the idea of ​​making a decision is solid enough.Because of his good view, Serkis Venom The sequel is to abandon typical explanations and other moments that add execution time to keep the movie in a fast-paced, thrilling ride. As Serkis told IGN:

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“In reality it will always be [leaner].. We always wanted this movie to be a truly thrilling vehicle.And fast and muscular [movie]… don’t hang around too much in the description. That said, what we’ve done is to achieve the true balance between dropping all the characters and anchors, feel you’re completely immersed in them, and rush to the next battle. I think it’s not just about being there or the action part. “

Tom Hardy has taken this sequel more practically because he spent a lot of time embodying the story with screenwriter Kelly Marcel. He is already thinking about the future. Early ideas for Venom 3.. The third movie won’t turn green until Sony sees how well the sequel works when it’s released in October, but Hardy has technically signed up for three movies.

Crossover with Spiderman May happen for Venom One day there were a lot of rumors about this inevitable meeting. At IGN Q & A, Andy Serkis also tackled this possibility and agreed that it was a “burning question” that everyone had. Serkis had to agree that a crossover between Venom and Spider-Man would happen someday, He doesn’t want to see it right awayFirst, to give other supervillains their moments.

“Of course it will happen,” Serkis said. “Look, it depends on when you want to go there, and also what your appetite is. If people want more Venom stories, you have a lot in between to jump directly to Spider-Man. You may have missed the wonderful Supervillain character from time to time, so in a sense, you may be rushing to close the door. “

For now, fans are looking forward to Tom Hardy returning as Eddie Brock. Venom: Let There Be Carnage, Will be released in theaters on October 1st.Hardy is also one of many Marvel actors Spider-Man: Rumors of a cameo appearance at Norway HomeIt will be screened in theaters in December, but we know when it will happen.This comes from us IGN..

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The genocide is a 90-minute “thrill ride,” says Andy Serkis.

https://movieweb.com/venom-2-andy-serkis-thrill-ride/ The genocide is a 90-minute “thrill ride,” says Andy Serkis.

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