The Genshin Impact 1.2 update adds two new characters and map extensions later this month

The 1.2 update of Genshin Impact, The Chalk Prince and the Dragon, will be available in the game on all platforms on December 23rd.

Genshin ImpactContinues to grow in popularity. Free-to-play RPGs continue to be impressive, and after earning $ 100 million in just two weeks, the game will receive more content.

After getting the first major release in November and getting the PS5 compatibility update shortly thereafter, another major expansion is planned.

The new update introduces Dragon Spine, a frozen mountain range south of Mondostadt. The new location is pretty chilly (as expected in the mountains), so players can expect to deal with the new mechanic in the form of a “shear cold” bar.

Extreme weather conditions require you to stay warm during exploration and combat. Expect to drink lots of hot food and drinks and use lots of campfires.

Upon arriving at Dragonspine, you will be able to participate in the festival at a new seasonal event called “The Chalk Prince and the Dragon”. It shares the name of the update itself.

“Travelers join Albedo, a genius alchemist and captain of the Knights of Favonius research team in Mondostadt, to investigate a mysterious sword known as the Festering Desire. Participate in a seasonal event. By doing so, players will not only be able to obtain Festering Desire and fully refine it, but will also be able to redeem a wealth of rewards from event shops, including the Crown of Insight. “

Two new five-star characters, Albedo and Gagne, will also be added to the mix. Here is a brief description:

“Albedo, featured in the next Chalk Prince and Dragon Quest Line, is a young and legendary genius alchemist in Mondostadt, with the power of swords and geography. Ganyu is Liyue Qixing’s messenger and secretary. It is a half-human and half-proficient Cyro archer. “

If you need to get clues to the game before a major update, you can check out the updated guide to Genshin Impact Ascension Materials and how to cook the ingredients.

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Genshin Impact 1.2 update adds two new characters and a map expansion later this month

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