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The global total of COVID-19 cases is approaching 230 million as Biden hosted a virtual pandemic summit and doubled the purchase of Pfizer vaccines in the United States.

Global tabulation of confirmed cases of coronavirus-borne disease COVID-19 as President Joe Biden prepares to host a virtual summit on a pandemic with world leaders in New York for the UN General Assembly It was approaching 230 million on Wednesday. ..

Biden plans to announce that the United States will double the purchase of Pfizer’s COVID-19 shots and share them with the world, with the goal of immunizing 70% of the world’s population by the end of next year. As the Associated Press reported.

The president will step up to wealthier countries and do more to ensure that vaccines reach every corner of the world and avoid the emergence of new variants that may prove vaccine resistance. I plan to encourage you.

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Separately, a team of advisors from the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention will meet late Wednesday to decide on a booster dose of the COVID vaccine developed by Pfizer in collaboration with German partner BioNTech.

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The CDC’s Immunization Implementation Advisory Board has set guidelines for the use of vaccines in the United States. The Food and Drug Administration does not approve or approve additional doses of BioNTech and Pfizer vaccines, except for people with weakened immunity and the influential FDA.Commission recommended boosters last week Be restricted For the elderly and those at high risk of serious illness.

Some experts suggest that the FDA’s decision is coming this week.

Against this background, there are an average of 2,046 COVID deaths per day in the United States. According to the New York Times tracker Even when hospitalizations and new cases are slowly beginning to relieve after the July surge caused by the highly infectious delta mutation.

West Virginia continues to lead the country in new cases per capita, even after the initial success of the vaccine program has gradually diminished. West Virginia is fully vaccinated in only 40% of its population, recording about 2,000 cases per day, the highest number since its onset, as trackers show.

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In some cases, hospitalizations and deaths are almost entirely due to unvaccinated people, so Biden still faces the challenge of persuading unvaccinated Americans to take their shots. NS CDC Vaccine Tracker It shows that 182 million people in the United States, or 54.8% of the total population, are fully vaccinated. In other words, I was vaccinated twice with the vaccine developed by Pfizer.
+ 0.12%

At BioNTech

Or Moderna
+ 1.20%
Or one of Johnson & Johnson

One Jabre Jimen.

Approximately 212 million people have at least one shot, which is equivalent to 63.9% of the total population of the United States. However, despite messages from medical professionals urging people to avoid dying from preventable illnesses, these numbers are increasing little by little every day. Vaccines have proven to be very effective in preventing serious illness and death.

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According to the World Health Organization, delta variants are now present in 185 countries, five more than a week ago. In weekly epidemiological updates The agency said it reduced detection at the global, regional, and national levels by reclassifying the three variants as “previously targeted variants” after the spread of Delta effectively replaced them. ..

The Eta, Iota, and Kappa variants will be “supervised variants,” the update said.

Elsewhere, Brazilian Health Minister Marcelo Vieira is attending a UN conference with unvaccinated President Jair Bolsonaro, who tested positive for COVID in New York. According to media reports, Quairoga may have exposed British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to the virus as unmasked Johnson waved to a bystander at the meeting.

Like Bolsonaro, Johnson, I was treated for my illness Early pandemic.

In Australia, a no-fly zone was declared over Melbourne, Australia’s second largest city, after the opposition to the blockade on the third day. Reuters reported. More than 200 people were arrested after a projectile thrown by a protester injured two police officers.

NS Report from UNICEF announced on Wednesday In 91 countries, most children under the age of two did not have enough food to grow and thrive, and pandemics were found to exacerbate the situation. “The results of the report’s findings are clear. When stakes are highest, millions of toddlers are fed to fail,” said Henrietta Fore, Secretary-General of the United Nations Children’s Organization.

Britain plans to exchange vaccines with South Korea, The Washington Post reported. The UK has sent one million doses of vaccine to South Korea, and Seoul will return the same number by the end of the year.

Recent studies have shown that the Covid-19 vaccine is less effective, but experts say the shots are still working well. The WSJ explains what the numbers mean and why they aren’t talking completely. Photo Illustration: Jacob Reynolds / WSJ

Latest tabulation

Globally, the total number of coronavirus-borne diseases exceeded 229.6 million on Wednesday, while the death toll increased to 4.71 million. Data aggregated by Johns Hopkins University..

The United States continues to lead the world with a total of 42.4 million cases and 678,522 deaths.

India has 33.5 million people after the United States, with 445,768 deaths. Brazil has the second highest death toll at 591,440 and 21.2 million.

In Europe, Russia reports the highest death toll at 196,235, followed by the United Kingdom at 135,793.

China, The virus was first discovered in late 2019, According to official numbers, there are 108,080 confirmed cases and 4,849 deaths, which are widely believed to be significantly underreported.

The global total of COVID-19 cases is approaching 230 million as Biden hosted a virtual pandemic summit and doubled the purchase of Pfizer vaccines in the United States. The global total of COVID-19 cases is approaching 230 million as Biden hosted a virtual pandemic summit and doubled the purchase of Pfizer vaccines in the United States.

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