The government failed to fulfill its smoking cessation pledge to England

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Two years after the commitment to quit smoking by 2030, the UK government failed to implement the policies that promised to fulfill this ambition, said Britain’s leading doctors, professional institutions and charities. Group states. BMJ today.

so Open letter They told the Prime Minister and Health Minister that smoking could have killed more people than covid-19 last year and will continue to do so for years to come unless the government takes action. I am.

They said, “It’s time to get tobacco manufacturers to pay to end the epidemic they and they alone caused,” and to fund the strategy with American-style “polluters.” Request “payment” taxation.

They explain that the rate of decline in smoking in the years leading up to 2019 was not sufficient to realize this ambition. It is estimated that over the last two years, more than 200,000 children under the age of 16 have started smoking, two-thirds of whom are regular smokers.

Achieving smokeless ambition will play a major role in increasing the commitment of the government manifesto. Healthy life expectancy By 2035, by five years, reducing inequality and leveling the country, “they write.

A blueprint for achieving this is presented to the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on Smoking and Health Recommendations for the Next Tobacco Control Program, but with adequate funding.

The APPG report shows how taxing manufacturers can raise £ 700m in the first year alone, without passing on costs to smokers now that we are away from Europe. “It can pay for the implementation of tobacco control plans and can provide additional funding. public health I desperately need it. “

They point out that in 2019 Imperial Tobacco earned £ 71 for every £ 100 sold. “These are extreme profits, many times higher than the profits of other consumer goods manufacturers,” they say. “It’s time to make Tobacco maker Pay for them and the epidemics that only they have caused. ”

Encourage professionals to raise legal age and lower smoking prevalence among young people

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An open letter to the Prime Minister and Secretary of Foreign Affairs, celebrating the second anniversary of the UK’s announcement that it will quit smoking by 2030. BMJ, DOI: 10.1136 / bmj.n1839

Quote: Government fulfills England’s (July 21, 2021) smokeless pledge obtained from on July 21, 2021 I could not do it

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