The Grid Legend story features live-action cutscenes to better convey the developer’s vision, says the director.

Grid Legend is the next entry in the racing game franchise, shifting to new gear with the introduction of story mode. In this story mode, called Driven to Glory, you take on the role of Driver 22, the loser in the racing scene. Inspired by Netflix’s Drive to Survive, Driven to Glory is portrayed as a documentary-style story that incorporates live-action actors rather than anime characters.

“The story couldn’t be there as a token element,” said Chris Smith, creative director of Grid Legend, at the preview event. To ensure that the story of the grid legend is valuable, the developer’s codemaster quickly established that the story of the game is one of the central pillars of the project. ..

“Story is a mode we want everyone to play,” Smith said. “Of course, I want you to play all the content, but I hope you’ll experience the story first.”

According to Smith, the Codemaster used Extended Reality (xR) to create the grid legend, saying that the team created a better live actor to perform. Similar technology was used to shoot the Mandalorians. This allows creators to place live actors in virtual space.

“When we talked to many companies about this story and regained testing from motion capture and digital, one of the people we talked to suggested a live-action film using this new technology,” Smith said. Says. “It was a new technology that no one had ever used.”

He continued. “They did some test shots for us and started talking to us, and the early ones looked very good. Then we started casting, and we got this great cast. We watched the animation, but to be honest, it was better to see the live-action results from that time to tell the story we wanted to tell, and a story worth telling. I wanted to tell you. I think you can understand it with the real people. “

Interestingly, you are the only character that doesn’t physically exist in the Grid Legend story. Driver 22 does not appear in Driven to Glory. They are referenced by other characters in the conversation, but Driver 22 does not speak for themselves.

“Driver 22 doesn’t speak,” Smith said. “The game must be available to everyone. You’re going to play it and think about it. [the main character] It’s you. Next, start naming your character and talk about it. Next, you need to consider your gender. Whether it’s non-binary, male, or female? It started to exclude certain players and we are a comprehensive game. Driver 22 has been chosen so that everyone who plays this game can enjoy the game, which is a great racing game, but you can also enjoy participating in this story. “

When asked how the nature of a racing game affects the story, Smith said it wasn’t. The Codemaster didn’t write a story about how racing can have different results. For example, if you win the first race, you won’t get a different cutscene instead of placing it second or dying at the end.

“It’s a straight line story, and we did it intentionally,” Smith said. “They are intended to record the entire season and replay the moments of the drama. There are still goals that need to be achieved during the race, but these goals are about what’s happening in the story. Then you can tell a more meaningful story. “

Grid Legend will be available on February 25, 2022 for the Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, PS5, PS4, and PC. In other words, February 2022 is even more fulfilling. The game will bring the Nemesis system back from the 2019 grid and allow you to build rivals with other players with multiplayer and AI controlled characters in story mode.

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