The HBO Max Wonder Twins series rejuvenates the star with Riverdale’s KJ Apa and Isabel May in 1883.

HBO Max cast Riverdale’s KJ Apa and 1883 Isabel May as Zan and Jana in their next live-action DC comedy, Wonder Twins, respectively.

As reported by Deadline, Apa and May play alien brothers from the planet Exxor. In the past, Zan was a makeover and Jana could take the form of various animals.

KJ Apa of Riverdale and Isabel May in 1883

They made their debut at the all-new Super Friends Hour and are the world’s greatest Super Friends, Super Friends, Super Friends: Legendary Super Powers Show, Young Superman, Teen Titans GO! , Will continue to appear on the flash.

The brothers were informally trained by other DC superheroes, and since 1977 E. Nelson Bridwell and artist Ramona Fradon have announced that the comic was “orphaned during the plague and adopted by the alien Exorian.” I made it clear.

They will continue their journey by heading to Earth after discovering that Grax is about to destroy Earth. Zan and Jana’s goal is to warn the Justice League, eventually living among humans as a Swedish exchange student attending Gotham City High School. Oh, and they also travel with a space monkey buddy named Gleek.

Black Adam and Rampage co-author Adam Sztykiel is the scriptwriter and director of Wonder Twins, which will begin production in Atlanta this summer.

Alongside Riverdale, Apa has appeared in Songbird, The Hate U Give, A Dog’s Purpose, and I Still Believe. In May, he also appeared in Alexa & Kate and Young Sheldon.

If you want to know more about Wonder Twins, check out the reboot comics released in 2019. In our review, “This series retains the charm of the camp of these two teenage heroes, while the modern audience. This first problem is sweet, innocent and at the same time self-aware. Has been successful. “

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