The head-up game The Walking Dead has finally confirmed its release date and pre-orders are now available on the App Store – TouchArcade

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead () Is the latest entry in the series, announced a few months ago for mobile, console, and PC.When Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead, Headup Games is bringing that fun Bridge constructor Nice next series of The Walking Dead TV series Bridge Constructor: Portal It saw a crossover with Valve Portal..After the first gameplay video was introduced Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Last week, Headup Games announced the release date and started pre-registering and pre-ordering.Watch new gameplay video Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Less than:

Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Did you build a bridge to survive in a hostile environment that fights hordes such as undead walkers? The game features new characters, as well as more characters from Eugene, Michonne, Darryl, and the show. Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Premium release on both iOS and Android. It will be released on November 19th on all platforms, including Nintendo Switch and Steam.If you want to check out, you can pre-order Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead Please pre-register for this Google Play for Android at this App Store for iOS. The mobile price is $ 4.99. Please see this Steam page.Did you enjoy yourself before Bridge constructor Did you play the game Bridge Constructor: Portal??

‘Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead’ from Headup Games Finally Has a Confirmed Release Date with Pre-Order Now Live on the App Store

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