The health plan has saved 50,000 rupees a year for poor families, says PM Modi of Health News at ET Health World.

On Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi saves 50,000 rupees a year for the poor and the poor through a variety of government-related measures taken by the government, including the provision of affordable medicines, medical and medical device prices. He said he was able to do it.

Modi, who dedicated the 7,500th Janau Shady Kendra to the country at the Indira Gandhi Institute for Community Health and Medical Sciences (NEIGRIHMS) in Siron’s Northeast, has also moved to provide affordable medicines through the Janau Shadi scheme in length and breadth. The country that said it was spreading.

In a virtual speech of “Janaushadi Week”, which will be celebrated nationwide from March 1st to March 7th, the Prime Minister will raise awareness of the “Janaushadi” project in the northeastern tribal areas and mountainous areas. He said he was supporting his compatriots living in. ..

“Today, when the 7,500th center was opened, it was held in Shillong. It’s clear how many public health centers are expanding in the northeast,” Modi said.

He also interacted with people from different parts of the country, saying, “From discussions with people who run Janau Shady Centers in every corner of the country and some of their beneficiaries, this plan is for the poor middle class. A very large family member. This plan is becoming a medium for both service and employment. ”

Emphasizing various government steps to make medical care affordable for the poor and needy, the prices of essential medicines as well as medical devices such as stents and knee implants are significantly higher. Said it was lowered to.

“It has saved 12,500 rupees a year for the poor. The Ayushmann Barrat program is helping people with 50 rupees receive treatment equivalent to 5 rupees. People over 1.5 rupees have already benefited from this. It is estimated that it has saved about 30,000 rupees for people.

“This compares the savings affected by Janaushadi and Ayushmanbarrat with the decline in prices of medicines and stents (medical devices) when only government systems are adopted in the medical sector, and the poor middle-income group. Means that they are saving around Rs. 50,000 chlores a year. ”

For a long time, health was considered to be the only target of illness and treatment, and his government said that the target of health was not limited to illness and treatment, but the country.

He said the government’s efforts were to ensure that no one was deprived of the benefits of medicine, that treatment was cheap and available to the general public. government.

Modi said the incentive was raised from 2.5 rupees to 5 rupees and added 2 rupees incentives for women, SC / ST and people in the northeast to promote the Janau Shadi project. .. infrastructure.

He emphasized India’s achievements in the field of medicine and said the country is the world’s pharmacy.

“Today, the free corona vaccine is given in public hospitals. Only the cheapest vaccine in the world, 250 rupees, is given in private hospitals. The country today we own an Indian vaccine. I’m proud of the scientists, and to help the world again, “said Modi.

To strengthen medical education, he said there were about 55,000 MBBS seats in the country before 2014. It has increased by more than 30,000 in 6 years. Similarly, over 24,000 new seats have been added to the previously 30,000 PG seats.

Pradhan Mantri Bhartiya Janaushadhi Pariyojana aims to provide high quality medicines at affordable prices.

Sales for the 2020-21 fiscal year (until March 4, 2021) resulted in a total savings of approximately Rs 3,600 for citizens as these drugs were 50-90% cheaper than market prices.

In order to raise awareness of “Janaushadi”, the week from March 1st to March 7th will be held nationwide under the theme of “Jean Aushadi-Seva Bi, Rosgar Bi”. Celebrate as.

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