The highlight of Memphis Garrett in 2020 was the encounter with Christmas Abbott

In an Instagram TV video, Memphis shared that the highlight of 2020 is to meet Christmas. The two celebrated the New Year on a boat in Miami.

Memphis Garrett Time big Brother Even if he didn’t win the $ 500,000 grand prize, the house could have been the best part of 2020.Memphis celebrates New Year with Instagram TV video looking back on 2020, highlights of 2020 Meet Now-Girlfriend Christmas Abbott..The two announced their new relationship shortly after leaving big Brother Next house All stars Season.

Memphis Garrett first big Brother Home during the 10th season of the show. Nine seasons later, Christmas Abbott did the same. Both arrived at their finale nights, but neither was able to win the grand prize. Memphis approached because he was the runner-up of the season, but Christmas was the last to evict in the last three times of the season.Both Memphis and Christmas big Brother Isolation All stars This summer season. Despite entering the house in a romantic relationship, Christmas and Memphis have become very intimate throughout the season. The two knew little about them causing rumors of cheating among fans in the outside world. When Memphis returned home, he stopped doing things with his ex-girlfriend Dominique Scallis.She got stuck on the side of the man, but it wasn’t Impact on Dominique when Memphis and Christmas are released In their new relationship.

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He didn’t get the money, Memphis time big Brother House It was the best part of his year.Memphis Instagram TV I took a video with my girlfriend Christmas Abbott. Meanwhile, they looked back over the past year. In the recurring segment, Memphis calls it “Memphis Morning.” big Brother Alum mentioned meeting Christmas as a highlight of 2020. The two filmed a video on a boat in Miami celebrating the New Year. Explaining how crazy 2020 was for normal life, both Memphis and Christmas said the biggest event of the year was to meet each other. He called it “Large positive“Coming out of”Crazy yearThe couple cheered and put on their glasses, looking forward to the New Year together.

Memphis and Christmas continued to talk about New Year’s goals. They both agreed that they do not like to set resolutions on what they normally do.Need to change“In the New Year. Instead, they each have different ways of preferring to set goals. Memphis looks back on his goals From the previous year before writing down the new goals for the new year. He”Year as a whole“Instead of telling myself to complete a specific task every day. Christmas is”Development of thinking“An approach by choosing a specific word to focus on each year. She explained.”That word helps me implement what is the solution.“What are the words and phrases for Christmas in 2020?”Learn through love.“She is very 2020Extremely important year“In the outside world, in myself.

Some are Big Brother: All Star You may regret coming back There is no doubt that Memphis and Christmas are at home this past season. They may not have brought back the prize, but they have established a new relationship. It may be more valuable. The two seem to be planning a lot for next year together.

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Source: Memphis Garrett / Instagram

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The highlight of Memphis Garrett in 2020 was the encounter with Christmas Abbott

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