The Hill: Georgia voters flood pollsters prior to important Senate votes

More than 2.5 million voters voted for a two-seat high-stakes vote in Georgia during the early voting period, with both Democrats and Republicans making unprecedented efforts to get supporters involved in polls Because I am doing it, I broke the record.

Which party dominates the Senate in the twin contest between Senator David Perdue (R) and investigative journalist Jon Ossoff (D), Senator Kelly Loeffler (R) and Rev. Rafael Warnock (D) Deciding what to do, they gathered hundreds of donations and external spending on millions of campaigns.

Emphasizing how narrow the state is, most of that money has been spent mobilizing voters rather than persuading undecided.

“This is a high turnout election. In both races, both candidates have enough votes to win. Which candidate will be able to increase turnout on January 5th? “It’s about,” said Republican veteran strategist Chiplake. , Republican Doug Collins (R), November general election.

The Republican campaign and its external allies have staffed about 1,000 people to knock on the door and vote. The Democrats didn’t reveal details of the field team, but as one measure of the magnitude of their efforts, Osov’s campaign adopted a 30-person unit dedicated to registering new voters.

President-elect Trump and president-elect Joe Biden will campaign in the state on Monday prior to Tuesday’s election. Vice President Pence has traveled several times on behalf of Republican candidates, and Vice President Kamala Harris will make her second trip on Sunday when she visits the savanna.

Opinion polls and internal Democratic and Republican internal surveys all show that both races are determined with a small margin. According to early voting data compiled by the Secretary of State, the contest is set to break previous turnout records, which tend to attract far fewer voters than in the general election.

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