The Hunger Games Victor, ranking by winning method

Snow does not appear to have any particular dissatisfaction with Wyeth and Beatty, they are only victims of his revenge on Katnis. That said, choosing to win the previous winner and not being fully aware of their abilities is the choice to bite when they get out of the arena.

District: 4
The Hunger Games Winner: 65th
Method: Retiarri Realness

Finnick Odair (Sam Claflin) is a carry attribute from District 4, a wealthy area on the water known for fishing. He won the 65th Hunger Games at the young age of 14 and became the youngest winner in history. Finnick was described by Katnis as being very handsome and, coupled with his frivolous personality, caught the eye of a wealthy sponsor who sent him a gift throughout the game. One such gift was his signature Trident. Finnick seems to be modeled after Retiary, a slightly covered Roman gladiator who fought with fishermen’s tools, weighted nets, daggers, and tridents. Finnick, like Retiarii, won the game by using the net to trap other compliments and conclude with Trident. After his victory, he participated in the 75th Hunger Games with Magus, who volunteered to replace his true love Annie Cresta after being prostituted by President Snow.

Finnick won his game fairly and honestly, but was helped by a donor who reduced the risk of the arena and made it easier to survive. This does not violate the rules, but it limits some of the controls the gamemaster has. Being popular means having an advantage in the game, and being a popular winner means having a platform. This will threaten President Snow, as a popular winner who speaks badly about the game can change the game’s emotions.

The Hunger Games Heimitch

District: 12
The Hunger Games Winner: 50th
Method: Arena assault

Haymitch Abernathy (played by Woody Harrelson in a four-movie adaptation) was the second winner from District 12. He had an early advantage of the game by surviving the treasure trove of bloodbaths and escaping with a knife and a backpack of supplies. He withdrew some career compliments and was almost killed, but was saved by fellow 12th district compliments Maysilee Donner. They formed an alliance until they separated — they didn’t want to kill each other. Macylie was attacked by a vicious bird mutation, and Heimitch held his hand while Katnis was dying like Lou. When Heimitch kicks a pebble on a cliff, he discovers a force field that surrounds the edge of the arena, which bounces off. With the final knockout dragout in the District 1 Tribute, he leads her to the edge of the arena. She throws an ax at him, he dodges, the ax bounces off the force field, and hits her head instead. She died and made Heimitch the victor.

The Hunger Games Victor, ranking by winning method

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