The iconic 80’s RTS game Carrier Command is back! again!

MicroProse has downplayed the actual game release in 2020 since the brand was significantly redesigned earlier this year, but hasn’t hesitated to talk about all the projects it’s working on. Many are scheduled for 2021. The company’s latest 80’s Strategy / Sim Necromancy is offered in the form of a career command for classic RTS games. The publisher is currently working on the official sequel, Carrier Command 2.

First issued by Rainbird in 1988, the original Carrier Command featured a near-future setting to command an advanced career in robotic aircraft. It turns out that an unknown enemy stole a slightly more advanced robot carrier. The two must make it a duke and try to colonize the archipelago of about 60 islands. Reason?

Carrier Command 2 aims to regain the same energy with a new remake that offers the same, eh. strange Plots and detailed strategic RTS actions. You have the freedom to use a variety of automated aircraft and amphibious units. To control another archipelago, you need to make it a duke to the AI ​​(or another human). There is also co-op multiplayer.

Concepts such as gathering information, maintaining supply lines, and effectively pairing units for a combined arms war are also important. However, the Carrier Command is not only an RTS, but like the original CC2, it allows you to jump on and control any vehicle directly across land, sea and air units.

It’s worth pointing out that this isn’t the first time a career command has been remade. Bohemia Interactive released Carrier Command: Gaea Mission in 2012, providing a unique take for classic titles. This release had problems with pathfinding and AI, and lacked direct control elements. MicroProse needs to avoid following the same fate in this new endeavor.

According to the Steam page, Carrier Command 2 will be released on April 1, 2021, but I’m not sure how it’s set up. “Q2” 2021 was mentioned in the press release, so your guess is as good as we are.

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