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Later, the event will resume in 2023 as the first round of the GT Experimental Tour, and the idea first emerged in 2019.

The competition, initially open to fully electric vehicles, combines road sections with short races, hill climbs and speed events over a seven-day period.

GTX aims to create events in the spirit of the Tour de France and Giro d’Italia multidisciplinary competitions during the heyday of the 70’s.

The efficiency of cars on the road section is combined with the results of twice-daily competition events to determine the classification.

The one-time revival of Paris-Berlin, where Henri Fornier won the Morse in 1901, will visit Reims, Nancy, Strasbourg, Stuttgart, Nuremberg, Prague and Dresden.

Later, he explained that the use of eco-friendly machines will allow GTX to visit a variety of circuits, including several venues where the race is no longer held.

“The idea is to leave the center of Paris and race in Monthelie for a short 20 minutes,” he told

“Then in the afternoon, I was able to accelerate on the old Reims circuit straight in front of the grandstand, which is still there.”

Porsche Mission R Concept

Photo: Porsche

A non-competitive demonstration GTX event from Geneva to Monaco is scheduled for next summer.

Later, Later, he wants to bring the GTX to multiple continents and create what he claims as a “world tour” that also incorporates hydrogen-powered self-driving cars.

GTX is Lateral’s response to the demand for electrification of motorsports.

He believes that electric endurance racing is a bit far away and wants to offer an alternative to amateur drivers.

He pointed out that the main race time for the new 2023 FIA Electric GT Championship, aimed at the manufacturer’s entry, is only 45 minutes at the pit stop during the race to replenish the energy of the car’s battery.

“In the short term, it will be difficult for a gentleman driver to recreate the joy and sensation of today’s GT3 cars over a reasonable period of time,” he told Autosport.

“So we want to offer our current customers something different. We want to offer an experience that combines competition with the opportunity to visit some of the most beautiful city centers.

“We are proposing something completely different in the spirit of customer racing.”

According to Laterl, manufacturers are interested in making cars for sale to their customers.

“We have presented our ideas to many manufacturers and everyone has listened carefully. There seems to be potential interest,” he said.

“This may be interesting to manufacturers as it gives them the opportunity to show off their car in the heart of a big city.”

He wants a combination of an upgraded mass-produced EV and a small number of concept-type cars such as the Mission R announced by Porsche last month.

The GTX field is supported by trucks equipped with fast charging devices, each capable of servicing six cars.

He hopes that 18 cars will participate in the first edition of the resurrected Paris-Berlin.

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The iconic Paris-Berlin road race revived for experimental cars The iconic Paris-Berlin road race revived for experimental cars

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