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The iconic Rozelle home The Grays sold for $ 6.75 million, breaking suburban records

This incredible Rosell house broke suburban records.

Rozelle was one of the many suburbs of Sydney that made record home sales in the past fiscal year.

Harris Partners distributors Peter O’Malley and Gavin Freidin recently secured $ 6.75 million in Lilyfield Road’s hometown of The Grays, surpassing the previous record set in late 2019 by $ 1 million.

The 1960s five-bedroom home has a domed ballroom extracted from the old Wentworth Hotel in Sydney. The 960 square meter property was last sold in 1996 for $ 650,000.

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Rosell’s brief record holder was former ABC chairman Justin Milne for $ 4,975,000. This improved across Claire Street, which paid $ 5.7 million in October 2019, just three weeks later.

Editorials provided 33-35 Lilyfield Road, Rozelle, NSW 2039

Incredible dome-shaped ballroom.

Editorials provided 33-35 Lilyfield Road, Rozelle, NSW 2039

The last five-bedroom home sold in 1996.

Other Inner West records include $ 11 million in Balmain, and a refurbished 1880s sea villa with a pool by the late Lady (Nancy) Fairfax and grandchildren of Servin St. Fairfax, Emma and Angus Whyte. Includes $ 15 million on the Balmain East waterfront when purchased. Boat hut, slipway and pool. When Baron Pub Peter de Angelis was sold to Fiona Landsdown in 2013, it last traded for $ 8.65 million.

Landsdowns then spent $ 8.7 million on the record-breaking Anandale sale that broke the $ 5 million suburban record set in 2019.

Dalwitch Hill has record expectations, with $ 5.5 million in expectations in the 1880s, Brook Lodge surpasses the record for another historic home in 2016, Fairview, by $ 2 million. I will.

One of the hallmarks of the boom is the series of record prices in the same suburbs.

Justin Milne-ABC Chairman

Justin Milne easily held Rosell’s record. Photo Lenny Nowitterger.

Haberfield saw a record $ 6.25 million in a California bungalow built in 2009 through McGrath agent Michael Tringali. Just six days ago there was a record $ 6.03 million on the other side of Crescent Street through Stone Real Estate.

Curling Ford in the Hills area saw sales of $ 3.3 million in June. Today, Tomar St’s 1000-square-meter 6-bedroom home is sold at a private high price through Showcase Realty’s mother-child sales teams Margot and Michael Brattoli. It was built about 20 years ago. Dee Why’s home price record was $ 8 million in January, improving last week next to Lookout Avenue.

Editorials provided 2 Tomah Street, Carlingford, NSW 2118

This Curling Ford house also broke suburban records.

The same is true for Pearl Beach on the Central Coast. Just last spring, the Oceanfront home Seascape was sold for $ 58.05 million through the Central Coast Realty Stuart Gun. Later, a three-level home designed by a nearby architect raised $ 6.3 million in January. Last month, Gunn raised the record to $ 8.6 million.

The iconic Rozelle home The Grays sold for $ 6.75 million, breaking suburban records The iconic Rozelle home The Grays sold for $ 6.75 million, breaking suburban records

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