The initiative snaps former Infinity Ward and Naughty Dog developers in the latest recruitment round

The Xbox Game Studio initiative is becoming more like an all-star studio as it continues to work on what seems to be new. Perfect dark The latest round of hiring, including developers from games, call of Duty With developer Infinity Ward Last of us And unknown Studio Naughty Dog.

As reported by Video Games Chronicle, the latest hires include former Insomniac environmental artist Giovanni Martinez, graphic programmer Naughty Dog’s Hawar Dogramachi, Jaime Molina environmental artist, and Joylon Myers’ world builder. Artist Lauren Manuel Garcia Carro and animator Lee Davis are also Naughty Dog, and QA Maxwell Morrison was previously eight from Id Software, Riot and Gearbox.

The name has joined the considerable roster of talent the studio is building and has acquired a former developer who has already worked on it (deep breath). Marvel’s Avengers, Destiny 2, Apex Legends, God of War, Grand Theft Auto 5 And Red Dead Redemption To name just a few, the studio certainly doesn’t seem to be confused by the quest to build a team to create the unidentified third-person Perfect Dark game. This is the first undeveloped one in the series. Rare by the series creator.

But the initiative has been in the dark for quite some time (the pun wasn’t intended), hoping that the Xbox Series X | S will be out in the open and wild. I’m actually working on it right away.

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