The inside story of Quentin Tarantino’s role in making hobos with a shotgun

The movie usually comes first. The trailer will come later. Hobo with a shotgun -Memorable Grind house Spin-off-But things went backwards.The end result will star Rutger Hauer (the evil replicant from) Blade Runner) On an insanely committed turn.

“For me Rutger Hauer Highly acclaimed director Jason Eisener told MovieWeb: “When I grew up, he was the first actor to get my attention. He was the first actor I tracked all his movies. First and foremost, I’m a movie fan. And I want to see more Rutger Hauer movies. When they asked me to write a list of my favorite actors who thought I should play that role, he was immediately at the top of that list. I wanted to see a new Rutger Hauer 80’s-style action movie. “

How for a low budget fake trailer Grind house Expanded to Jason Eisner’s 2011 B-Movie Action Flick

The energy of a B-movie pulsing a super-violent movie- Reminiscent of both 70’s and 80’s flicks -Don’t miss it.Eisener is preparing his follow-up project Dull violence, Based on video games Vigilantism..And as Hobo As we celebrate the 10th anniversary of its release to the masses, we’ll look at how the exposure of the two A List directors brought Eisner’s debut feature film to life.Nothing in that duo Quentin Tarantino..

In 2007, Eisner saw the announcement of the “Grindhouse” trailer contest hosted by the SXSW Film Festival and Robert Rodriguez.Eisener, along with his collaborator Rob Cotteril, wrote the script and shot a trailer with a title. Hobo with a shotgun In just 6 days. A month after the clip spread on YouTube by word of mouth, it won the contest and later appeared during Rodriguez. Planet Teller And Tarantino’s Death proof..

Since Eisner, along with fellow filmmakers Coteril and John Davy, who graduated from Dartmouth, won the competition in Austin, they have become a favorite among fans of the Gore Action Comedy genre. After many expectations The talented trio was ready to give a hobo with a shotgun feature-length treatment And they officially announced their plans at the 2008 Fantasia Film Festival.

Famous filmmakers Edgar Wright, Eli Roth and Rob Zombie also have their own fake “future attractions” Grind house, But it was only Rodriguez’s Machete And Jason Eisner Hobo That brought a leap to the big screen.And in the meantime Green House Directors Tarantino and Rodriguez have been instrumental in publishing Eisner’s work to the world. Eisner later admitted that he was able to make a feature film. Hobo with a shotgun All by yourself.

“I met Tarantino once Inglourious Basterds Premiere in Toronto. ” IndieWire.. “And I just told him we were making a movie. He was really excited and excited about us. I left it alone. I reached out and I didn’t want to seek any benefit. I just wanted to do it myself. Hopefully they would watch a movie and dig it. “

It’s been 10 years since I hit the big screen, and the final result I like about cults is Hobo Can be viewed on streaming platforms including Amazon Prime When Apple TV..

The inside story of Quentin Tarantino’s role in making hobos with a shotgun

https://movieweb.com/hobo-with-a-shotgun-quentin-tarantino/ The inside story of Quentin Tarantino’s role in making hobos with a shotgun

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