The iOS version of the idol adventure game Forager has been released today (updated) | Article

Original post: 05/11/20 11:22

Forager, an open-world adventure game with idle mechanics, is coming to iOS devices today.

Forager needs to spawn in a randomly generated world and harvest resources to create new items, buildings, and tools. Doing this will allow you to level up your skills and earn money, expand outwards and find new biomes to solve puzzles with tough enemies and challenging temples.

The idling element can ultimately automate many of the early stages of the game, such as using mining rods to collect nearby resources, building banks and slowly accumulating gold. It is also useful in that. The more you play, the easier it will be for some activities.

Forager for mobile was announced earlier this year, but Humble Games said, “Forager allows you to make friends with different kinds of animals. iOS will be released soon. In the meantime, real animals Show me your friends! ”Developer HopFrog quoted the tweet,“ Forager for iOS is coming soon! ”.

The game was developed by Hop Frog, also known as Mariano Cavallero, who dropped out of school to learn how to make video games. After running out of money many times, he was finally able to create a Forager build for game jams and was able to go to the United States to show it off. So I finally landed in front of someone in Humble Bundle.

Forager is out today on iOS at 9am PST (about 5 hours from now). The store page doesn’t seem to be visible yet, but we’ll let you know when the details are available.

[Update: 11:31am GMT 05/11/20] Earlier, I reported that the iOS version of Forager “coming soon” without attaching a release date. Now you can see that the game will be released on iOS today at 9am PST.
[Update: 20:04 GMT 05/11/20] I was informed that the launch was postponed. I will update the post as soon as I know the details.

[Update: 22:22 GMT 06/11/20] Well, we’ve gone all around, it’s alive now.

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