The January 20th release date of Rainbow Six Extraction may have been slipped by Ubisoft

It seems that Ubisoft may have inadvertently leaked the release date of the next shooter Rainbow Six Extraction..

NS Discovered by Video Game Chronicle, NS Blog post originally created in June Updated quietly to read January 20th.At the time of posting Originally written The game was scheduled to be released in September. However, I was late about a month laterSo far, Ubisoft has only offered the launch “January” window.

Later, Ubisoft said, “We accept the opportunity to take additional time to realize this vision in a way that suits it.” The studio has extra time to “increase opportunities for players to test, play directly, provide feedback, bring the best experience to the market, and enable players to reach their full potential.” I was hoping for.

Rainbow Six Extraction Move away from player-versus-player focus in previous games in the series Rainbow Six Siege.. Instead, the operatives team up with AI-controlled alien threats and change the map as the round progresses.

There is no official announcement from Ubisoft yet, but we look forward to an update coming soon. If that happens, we keep you in a loop. At this point, Rainbow Six ExtractionThe release date for Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 is “January 2022”.

Rainbow Six Extraction’s January 20 release date may have been let slip by Ubisoft

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