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The Johnson & Johnson vaccine “pause” does not undermine confidence in the vaccination process, the study said.

Federal “suspension” in the management of Johnson & Johnson
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Coronavirus vaccines do not appear to undermine public confidence in the vaccination process, a new study suggests.

Fifty-three percent of respondents surveyed in the wake of the suspension agreed that this was “a good example of strict safety surveillance of the COVID-19 vaccine being implemented to protect Americans.” In contrast, 29% said the suspension was a case study on why the COVID-19 vaccine should be avoided.

Conducted by pollster Frank Luntz Voting of 1,000 registered voters April 15th and April 16th for the de Beaumont Foundation, a public health-focused foundation.

The investigation was temporarily suspended after the J & J COVID-19 shots were linked. 8 cases of severe thrombosis In the United States Among 7.4 million people Those who received a single dose as of last week.7 out of 8 who experienced a very rare blood clot I’m a woman.

Almost two-thirds (63%) of survey respondents say they should try to get one of Pfizer.
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Or Moderna

Vaccine, both double dose products.

Six out of ten said they considered the case of a blood clot under scrutiny as an isolated event and believed that the vaccine was generally safe.

“Americans are aware that the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has been suspended, which clearly shows that the safety protocol is working as expected,” said the De Beaumont Foundation. Brian Castorucci, President and Chief Executive Officer of the company, said in a statement. “Government officials need to remain transparent and use clear and consistent language about vaccines.”

That doesn’t mean that the pause may not have done any damage. As one expert told MarketWatch earlier, a temporary suspension could instill more suspicion for some people.

“These kinds of things make people who dislike vaccines more worried,” he said. Aaron GlattChairs the School of Medicine at Mount Sinai South Nassau, Oceanside, NY

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Advisory Board will meet on Friday to discuss Johnson & Johnson’s next plans.
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Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Told the news program On Sunday, he would have been “extremely surprised if there was no resumption by Friday.”

On Tuesday, Johnson & Johnson announced that it would resume shipping vaccines to Europe.The European Medicines Agency has the advantage Exceed Although it is a “very rare” side effect, he added that a warning about the rare possibility of blood clots should be included in the vaccine material.

Whatever the US public health authorities decide, recent polls suggest that J & J Shot may encounter more skepticism on the other side.

A breakdown of the survey results voted by respondents in past presidential elections states that 32% of all voters have never been vaccinated with the J & J vaccine. Most of that hesitation comes from voters of former President Donald Trump, with 44% saying they never agree with the shot. Eighteen percent of those who voted for President Biden said the same thing.

These political disparities develop in the broader issue of vaccine hesitage that Republicans have. Tend to show more resistance..

Last month, playing cards Said in an interview He would “recommend it to many people who don’t want to get it, and many of them frankly voted for me.”

A new study shows a melted rejection from Trump supporters: 71 percent said they received at least one shot this month or would “definitely or probably” get one. This is up from 59% when the De Beaumont Foundation previously surveyed Trump supporters questions last month.

“There are still meaningful and measurable differences between Republicans and Democrats when it comes to accepting the COVID vaccine,” Luntz said in a statement. “The good news is that the gap between the factions is closing and the overall vaccine confidence is increasing.”

Overall, as of Tuesday, 132.3 million people (almost 40% of Americans) had been vaccinated at least once, and 85.3 million were fully vaccinated. CDC data.. At the same time, the country aggregated a total of 31.7 million COVID-19 cases and 567,759 deaths. Aggregated data According to Johns Hopkins University.

In a statement Tuesday, J & J Chief Scientific Officer Paul Stoffel said in a statement on the news of resumption of shipments to the European Union, Norway and Iceland: “Safety and well-being of people using our products is our number one priority. That’s it. ”

“We strongly believe in the positive benefits of the one-off, easy-to-transport COVID-19 vaccine that helps protect the health of people around the world and reach needy communities around the world. “

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine “pause” does not undermine confidence in the vaccination process, the study said. The Johnson & Johnson vaccine “pause” does not undermine confidence in the vaccination process, the study said.

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