The judges for the IGF 2021 Design, Student, and Visual Art Awards are:

As the 2021 Independent Games Festival enters the award judging stage in July, the organizers would like to introduce experts from various industries to judge candidates for this year’s show.

These great judges have come from across the gaming industry to evaluate and celebrate the games presented at this year’s IGF 2021 Awards Ceremony at the All-Digital Game Developers Conference in July. ..

This is a panel assembled for the IGF2021 Excellence in Design Award, Best Student Game Award, and Best in Visual Art Award.

Excellent design award

The Excellence in Design Award recognizes the innovation and quality of the underlying blueprint for each entered game, including component parts such as level design, mechanic design, and balance of difficulty. Awarded by the following judges:

Ben Wilson

Ben Wilson is once again a game maker for Indie, who turned from British indie to AAA. He is currently at Die Gute Fabrik and is working as a creative producer on his next project. You can contact him at @zerofiftyone_ on Twitter.

Tom Francis

Tom was a game critic for nine years before releasing his first game, Gunpoint, and has been designing, creating, and coding games for the past 11 years.After playing with Noir Electrician in Gunpoint And proc-gen spacecraft hijacker Heat signature, He is currently dressing up a wizard in Kevlar for his next appointment Tactical Bleach Wizard.

The “Atlas” Chen

Atlas is a game designer and designer manager for thatgamecompany. Game design is a way for him to explore the truth about life and the universe and share his discoveries and joys with others.He shipped game titles including Sky-Children of Light And Gemini-A 2-star journey.

Cindy Mirror

Cindy is a design leader at Studio Mayday in New Zealand. They have been designing games for over 10 years and We are Chicago To Disney Infinity.. They also support several local developer community groups. You can follow @pigglebutts on Twitter.

Sarah Shiari

Sarah is a designer, producer and developer who is passionate about creating innovative experiences across games, movies, theatres and thematic entertainment.She acted as a producer Outer wild He was a member of the DreamWorks Animation Advanced Creative Technology team. She is currently involved in virtual production at Scanline VFX and is a game director at Tinted Stardust, an indie studio.

Richard Atlas

Richard is the CEO and co-founder of Clever Endeavor Games. He is also involved in design and occasionally makes inroads into art and audio. He is a judge for IGF and Indie Megabooth, an advisor to the Kowloon Nights Game Investment Fund, and a member of the Board of Directors of GamePlaySpace, a shared workspace for game developers in Montreal, Canada.

Bennett Foddy

Bennett Foddy is a designer of the past Nuovo Award-winning Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy. QWOP, GIRP And Sports friends.. He teaches game design at New York University and has recently contributed to PC and Switch titles. Ape out.

Best Student Game Award

The IGF 2021 Best Student Game Award was awarded to a student developer (or team of student developers) and is presented as an outstanding example of an impressive, fun, high-quality student-created game. The judges who award this are as follows.

Jose Zagar

A faculty member of the University of Utah’s top-ranked game program. He wrote “Ludoliteracy” and edited “Videogame Ethics Reader”, “Role-Playing Game Studies”, and student-written “Game Design Snacks”. José is a prominent game scholar recognized by the Digital Games Research Association (DiGRA) and a Fellow of the Higher Education Video Games Alliance (HEVGA).

Richard Perrin

Creator of Cairo, white room, journal And Cosplay maker.

Liam Edwards

Liam Edwards is a game director and designer based in Kyoto, Japan. Formerly an independent developer of Rockstar Games and Q-Games. Liam has worked on a number of indie titles, including recently. A curse on scrapers and golf. He is also a podcaster, hosting both the Dad & Sons podcast and the Final Games podcast. “

Lind Say Grace

Lindsay is an interactive media nightchair and associate professor of communication at the University of Miami. He is the Vice President of the Higher Education Video Games Alliance, the 2019 Games for Change Vanguard Award winner, the author of Doing Things with Games, Social Impact through Design, and the designer / development behind numerous indie games. Person / artist.

Nick chan

Nick Zhang is a game designer and creative director at NExT Studios.Notable works include the unprecedented and atmospheric game of audio-driven detective games. Gemini-2 Star Journeys. He is also one of the first graduates of Game Design MFA at NYU Arcade.

Jeff Petriello

Jeff Petriello is a half-mermaid producer at Sam Barlow’s studio in Brooklyn, New York. He also teaches game design at New York University Game Center.

Jana Reinhardt

Jana Reinhardt is a game designer, graphic artist, game journalist and design educator. Together with Friedrich Hanish, she founded an independent game studio, Rat King, known for her community activities at the Indie Arena and her previous PR activities at the Indie Arena booth. Her goal is to connect game developers and showcase the potential of games and game technology for industrial, health, education and heritage projects.

AP Thomson

AP Thomson is a designer and programmer Fortune-499, Swap Sword, Multibowl, Beglitched (Winner of the 2016 IGF Student Award). AP is currently collaborating with Beglitched co-creator Jenny Jiao Hsia in the next game, Consume Me. AP also teaches classes regularly at the NYU Arcade as a part-time teacher.

Excellence in Visual Art Award

The Excellence in Visual Art Award is aimed at highlighting innovation and quality in the visuals of independent games, and the 2021 jury consists of the following experts:

Jesse Turner

Jesse “The Drawbarian” Turner is a Vancouver-based artist. He has worked in the gaming industry for 14 years with titles such as Griftlands and Viking Squad, and he and his crazy characters can be found on Twitter @ jouste.

Chung Hua Yang (Z)

Zhenghua Yang (Z) is the founder and director of Serenity Forge. SerenityForge is a value-driven game development and publishing studio behind acclaimed titles such as: Where water tastes like wine, never songs, the fate of the semi-past, and a lifeless planet.

Laura Yılmaz

A veteran of the motion design industry, a graduate of Stugan and Sundance New Frontier, and a 2D enthusiast. He is currently a senior lecturer in animation at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.

Orsi Spanyol

For the past decade, as part of Thekla Inc., Orsi has provided a ton of art and puzzle designs for acclaimed games. witness. She is currently creatively directing Thekla’s new unpublished project.

Gaurav Mathur

As the creative manager of Penumbra’s partner development team, Gaurav Mathur works with a global network of external studio partners and therapists to develop virtual reality therapy games on the REAL immersive system.For the past 25 years he has been working on titles, including acclaimed titles Severe Fandango and Psychonautics, And bestsellers Star Wars: Rogue Squadron.. He runs gamedevmap, a selection of live maps and catalogs of game development around the world, which he launched over 15 years ago.

Mariel Fox

Marielle is an environmental artist at Red Hook Studios and is currently The darkest dungeon 2. She has been a 3D game and movie artist for over 10 years. She loves strong silhouettes, subdued colors, horror movies, dogs, and deadlifts.

Chandana Ekanayake

Chandana Ekanayake is a co-founder and creative director of Outerloop Games, a fully decentralized indie game studio led by minorities.

Amanda Williams

Specializes in environmental art and surrealistic natural illustrations.She contributed Spider: The Secret of Blythe Manners, The Awakening of Mars, Spider: A Shroud Moon Ritual Where Water Tastes Like Wine, Above all. She is currently working on her project.

Yngvill Hopen

Yngvill Hopen is a concept artist and CEO of Henchman & Goon and one of the co-founders. She has a background in traditional arts and theater and has 20 years of experience in visual development.

You can view the entire 2020 Independent Games Festival on the IGF website. The finalists of the contest will be announced shortly and the winners will be announced at the awards ceremony at GDC 2021.

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