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The “Jumla” version of the COVID-19 vaccine story does not save lives: Rahul Gandhi

former meeting President Rahul Gandhi On Wednesday, instead of the actual vaccination,Jumura The (rhetoric) version of the story of the COVID-19 vaccine saved lives and pointed out many people in the country who have not yet been vaccinated.

He shared an article by the Speaker of Parliament Sonia Gandhi Indian scientists and researchers praised the achievement of the 100-core vaccination milestone, but in a newspaper pointing out a large number of people and children who have not yet been vaccinated against COVID-19.

“The Jumla version of the vaccine story doesn’t save lives. The actual vaccination will save,” he said on Twitter using the hashtag “#DutyToVaccinate.”

The Parliamentary Party also shared an article on Sonia Gandhi on Twitter and quoted her. “”

Parliamentary Secretary to share articles on Twitter Priyanka Gandhi Vadra “If we can get rid of the dark clouds of COVID 19, the economic downturn could turn around. To do that, we need to increase the pace of vaccine deployment to everyone, including children, completely free of charge.”

Randeep Surjewala, Parliamentary Chief Spokesperson, also quoted the President of Parliament, saying:

“True practice, not empty announcements, is the key not only to the health of our citizens, but to the wealth of our country.”

“Vaccines for everyone, including our children, usher in a festive season … with real optimism,” he also quoted Sonia Gandhi and wrote her article on Twitter. I shared it.

Sonia Gandhi recognizes in the article “Vaccination Milestones and Far Goals” that the government immunizes all Indians as soon as possible is related to their health and progress. I pointed out that it should be.

“Our frontline healthcare professionals deserve to congratulate them on exceeding the milestone of 10 billion rupees of COVID-19 vaccine administration. They are scientists, researchers, healthcare professionals and vaccines. Together with the manufacturer, he heroically overcame multiple obstacles in the quest for protection. Citizens from COVID-19. Thanks to their efforts, our vaccination drive was delayed in the first few months and determined. , Increased pace after the turmoil, “Gandhi said in her article.

She also said that this milestone marks the victory of science and India’s research and manufacturing infrastructure built and nurtured over decades.

The Speaker also noted that the promise of double vaccination of all eligible Indians by the end of 2021 is unlikely to be fulfilled.

“The empty announcement did not involve proper planning or implementation. Experts claim that this goal cannot be achieved in at least five to six months,” she said.

The “Jumla” version of the COVID-19 vaccine story does not save lives: Rahul Gandhi The “Jumla” version of the COVID-19 vaccine story does not save lives: Rahul Gandhi

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