The King of Fighters XV Official Trailer Launches January 7, 2021-First Artwork Released

SNK CORPORATION today announced that the official trailer for The King of Fighters XV and the Samurai Spirits Season Pass 3 characters will be released on Thursday, January 7, 2021.

SNK fans who are eager for scoops on both games should pay attention to SNK’s official YouTube channel on January 7th (the exact time is undecided). Yasuyuki Oda, the producer of The King of Fighters (* KOF), and Yasuyuki Oda, the creative director, will explain the details. The latest KOF XV teaser trailer released today (see above).

Both Oda and Ogura claim that the game will be SNK’s “most ambitious KOF ever,” and the team behind the latest entry is “really proud of the titles they are putting together.” There is. “

“How to organize a team [in KOF XV] It’s very different from the XIV, “says Ogura in the Teaser trailer. “But next year we’ll get more information on a regular basis, so in the meantime, launch those dream rosters!”

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King of Fighters XV Official Trailer Coming January 7th, 2021 – First Artwork Released

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