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Keep an eye out for all SNK and KOF fans around the world: Today, during the State of Play, KOF XV’s latest character Dolores and KOF XV Open Beta Test announcements were broadcast worldwide! In this article, I’d like to talk a bit about Dolores, upcoming open beta testing, and the awesomeness of KOF XV.


The King of Fighters (KOF) first appeared in 1994 and has become one of SNK’s leading fighting game series. With the exception of spin-offs, the series has now reached 15 mainline titles (now KOF XV), and its classic 3v3 team battle system is more robust than ever. KOF is also known for its large roster, and KOF XV boasts 39 playable characters at launch, so it won’t loosen in this category either. Shatter Strike, a new gameplay mechanic introduced in KOF XV, rocks the stage with vibrant and powerful special moves as it engages in more exciting battles than ever before. Try the open beta test at startup to experience the game and all its crazy fun combat systems.

About the new character Dolores

Our latest character is very mysterious because it is a medium that can talk to the Earth and control the Holy Soil. She is also armed with another new character, Isla, from the general Heidern. You may have noticed that the details of her clothes resemble the embroidery of other characters. With that information and the fact that she’s paired with such a weird team, this story means something you don’t want to miss! Get ready for a great battle with the cool and gathered mysterious Dolores.

King of Fighters XV open beta test announced

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