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El Segundo, CA- Lebron James Do not buy that monitoring his minutes will affect his health Los Angeles Lakers This week, a new season begins.

“I don’t play for injuries,” James said on Monday. Golden State Warriors on Tuesday. “And when I play the low part, I feel sick too.”

Almost an annual ritual for 19-year veterans, James flatly rejected the idea that time limits could protect the body from potential harm.

In fact, James recorded a career of 33.4 minutes per game last season, but still suffered from a serious ankle sprain, missed 26 games and derailed a potential MVP campaign.

While James is playing on his right ankle in all six games of the Lakers’ first round of defeat Phoenix sunsHe scored an average of 23.3 points with 47.4% shots, 8.0 assists and 7.2 rebounds, below normal post-season standards.

James, who turns 37 in December, said the injury was dragged into the off-season.

“It took a while,” he said. “Maybe I didn’t play basketball much during the first two months of summer. This is very rare because my ankles didn’t respond as I wanted.

“And the best thing about summer was that I had time. When my ankles were ready I really had time to get ready. I was always training and not much on the basketball court. I was always training by doing other things. I pushed and checked if I could do other things with my ankles, and my flexibility returned to my previous state until I didn’t feel any sharp pain. Back to “

Lakers coach Frank Vogel said he plans to adhere to a script rotation that keeps James on the court between 34 and 36 minutes per game.

Vogel also explained what it means to feel better the longer James plays.

“If he’s there, in fact in some way [on the bench] If it’s too long and it gets cold, it’s even worse to get back there [on the court]”Especially because he’s been playing this kind of rotation for a long time,” Vogel said.

Beyond that, Vogel has no rigorous plans to manage James’ workloads. He hopes to be his 11th trip to the NBA Finals in his wonderful career.

“Obviously you don’t want him to play 82 games,” Vogel said. “But I don’t intend to prescribe an X night vacation. I will adopt it throughout the year.”

For James, apart from the exit of the only first round of his career, there is no hangover from the disappointing title defense last season.

“It’s definitely in perfect condition,” he said. “Honestly, last year was a very fast season for us to get out of the bubble, and the injuries messed up everything we wanted to do, so we rinse our hands and get a clean slate. This is a great opportunity, get ready to start building. “

Build in hopes of securing his fifth ring-this will be the first for the new Lakers Russell Westbrook When Carmelo Anthony And it was the record 18th place in the franchise, beating most of the ties in league history with rivals. Boston Celtics..

“It’s just the motivation to win the championship,” James said. “That’s why I play the game. It’s one of the best and shortest emotions you have. You win the championship and everything you put in that year. It’s just at once. It hits you, and literally after a few hours, it’s like “finished.”

“And all the time, you’re just trying to find a way to get that moment again. Seriously. It’s still part of your motivation and you’re always trying to get that feeling.”

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The Lakers’ LeBron James’s resolute limited workload does not protect the body from injury The Lakers’ LeBron James’s resolute limited workload does not protect the body from injury

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