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Ubisoft’s RUSE was a real-time strategy game based on World War II. I remember a few friends getting hooked on the game when it was released on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in 2010. Enthusiastic friends continued to love the game. As long as you buy it again on Steam when it’s ported the following year.

There are still stubborn RUSE rebels fighting it on the beach, fast-forwarding in 2020 and believing it or not. I talked to Oliver, Brookes, and Tim players about why they are still playing the game.

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Why are you attracted to RUSE over other RTS war games?

Brooks: There is no other game like that.

Oliver: I think this game is easy to get and at the same time complicated.

Brooks: Ruse has a fight, but there is another side to it, Ruth. Other games don’t have “Ruses”, they’re just fighting.

Oliver: There was something different about it. You are intended to deceive, not just rock-paper-scissors with units.

I’m usually not good at this kind of game, but due to the “Ruses” element, this underrated Ubisoft is more about deception and deceiving enemies than tactical RTS gameplay. Brought a lot of hits. Ruth allowed players to deploy fake units, spy on enemies, and influence unit behavior. As you can imagine, playing a game that relies heavily on back stabs and tricks between friends has become an interesting time. Needless to say, I immediately stopped playing RUSE.

Due to the expiration of the military license, RUSE withdrew from Steam in late 2015, just five years after its first launch. That said, the game’s multiplayer server is still online.

So does RUSE still have quite a few people doing online matches?

Brooks: No, I meet a lot of the same people. We know which player is better.

Oliver: You get a new face, but it’s pretty distinguishable who is new because of the level, most people are level 100, maximum level. Very few people are not level 100, and if they are not level 100, discrimination against lower levels can occur.

What is the difference between levels 100 and 0? Are there any weapons, abilities, units, etc. that can be unlocked?

Brooks: No, it’s just status. If you join the lobby at level 95, you will be kicked.

Do you know how many people are on board at one time?

Brooks: No, but there are games. You can check the number of games. You can see how many servers are open.

How many servers do you usually have?

Brooks: I don’t think we’ve seen more than 7 things * lol * usually 3 or 4.

Ubisoft remains open on the PC, but officially shut down the dedicated servers for both console versions in November 2017. The peak number of players reached within the last 30 days from the beginning of this month was 229, but at any given time it averaged 110.3.

Purchasing into this niche multiplayer scene is more expensive as RUSE is no longer listed on Steam. If you want to buy access from someone else’s Steam account, you’ll pay £ 50.

Is RUSE in 2020 really worth the cost?

Oliver: Yes.

How much did you originally pay?

Tim: I paid a minimum of £ 2.50 on Amazon.

Brooks: I paid for fiber, and we all originally had it on the Xbox.

Oliver: Yeah, we bought it on the Xbox and then on the PC. Due to the lack of unit capacity, the Xbox could only handle a certain number of units in the game, but the PC could handle more. So I bought it twice.

How long have you played?

Oliver: According to my Steam, I played it for 589 hours.

Brooks: 368 hours.

Tim: My is 539.

Do you have any interesting / interesting stories about your time in online games?

Brooks: You sometimes get a little Hitler, they are too serious.

Oliver: Looks very great.

Brooks: Typical toxic behavior, end the game if they are defeated

Oliver: Getting games is very rare, but they leave

Did you make friends with someone in the community from the game?

Oliver: I chatted with some Austrian people through the game. It’s pretty international.

Brooks: I met a Mexican person there.

Oliver: I think the game is for World War II nerds. At that point, change the name of the steam to a common or historical figure and enter a strange realm about men changing the image of steam. Nazi related. I have seen Rommel.

Are most people historic enthusiasts rather than RTS fans?

Oliver: Are it people who love history and the glory of World War II? This game is clearly based on real historical events, but if you respect history, you don’t want to duplicate the Nazis.

Our player ended with some closing comments about the game:

Oliver: The game has a sense of community. There are many times like “I have to hurry downstairs to do something or go to the bathroom”. In this game you can chat with others on the other team. Please do not attack. People are very sportsmen and will pay homage.

Brooks: There’s also a Discord channel for RUSE, and I’m playing other games so I’ll cross over, but there are a lot of the same people playing online on the Discord server.

The story of how RUSE was removed from the Steam store is sadly too well known. As mentioned earlier, Ubisoft did not renew its military license, which included the actual military manufacturer and prevented the game from being sold. I’ve seen Microsoft do the same in past Forza games because of expensive vehicle licenses. These games will be excluded from sale if there are not enough players to promote engagement and spend money. Good for business, but bad for a niche community that keeps old games like RUSE alive against all possibilities.

It’s very appropriate for a game called RUSE to be in the shadows when it comes to the player base of the game. Not surprisingly, Ubisoft hasn’t yet suggested a sequel to RUSE or some kind of return, but to some people it doesn’t seem to be needed. Further conversations with the last commander of the game revealed that they had found a way to squeeze the last drop of fun out of this dilapidated RTS, and wouldn’t give up on RUSE right away.

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Last Commander Standing – Remembering Ubisoft’s R.U.S.E.

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