The last free DLC pack for RIDE 4 is here!

arrived.Approximately one year after its release Ride 4 With a number of paid and free DLC products that fill Xbox, PlayStation, PC, and base games, we’ve finally reached the end of the content drop. And how do you celebrate the most? Now, Milestone Studios is throwing away another free DLC pack for their motorcycle racers with RIDE 4 Bonus Pack 14.

Yes, Free Pack 14 is here and you can download it and add it to your RIDE 4 base game. It’s also one of the hell of a free offer because it offers something stunning, one of the most iconic motorcycles of recent years. Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R since 2006.

It’s an easy show star bike, so if you’re looking for another reason to get a copy of the RIDE 4 base game and zipper the leather, this is it.

RIDE 4 Bonus Pack 14, as the name implies, is the 14th free service at the table, but sitting next to them, there are also many paid options. Superbike, Sportsbikes, Italian bicycle Everything else is available.

And like those other packs, this also adds many new events for you to test that ninja. It contains 5 free events.

As always, there is new downloadable content from the digital store of your choice and you will find it correct. As long as the digital store covers Xbox, PlayStation, and PC-based.Our favorite is Xbox store So we turn you in that direction.

If you decide to complete your RIDE 4 experience with RIDE 4 Bonus Pack 14, please let us know.

Description of DLC:

Download Bonus Pack 14 to expand your game FormerExperience with one new dedicated bike and 5 events.

The final free DLC pack for RIDE 4 is here!

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