The Last of Us2 Safe Combinations and Codes

The Last of Us 2 is a tough world where about 12 people own a vault of the same model. They’ve been away for a long time, so open all the safes with this complete list of safe places and their safe code and combinations. These are divided into chapters and sections. To avoid spoilers, some chapter names and subsections do not include full names. Includes all vault codes for all Erie and Abby vaults, as well as codes for thrift shops, Daisho vaults, and all vaults in between.

Chapter 1: Jackson Safe Code

Goodboy Combo-Patrol

Check the back office for spore-infected parts of the grocery store. The hint is “when my good boy was an employee this month”.

safety code: 07-20-13.

Chapter 2: Seattle Day 1 Safe Code

Courthouse Safety Code (Whiteboard)-Downtown

Before entering the courtroom and getting off the elevator to the garage, break the windows and enter the locked room.The· Tips To check the writing on the whiteboard.

safety code: 86-07-22.

Bank Vault Safety Code-Downtown

Enter a bank in downtown and find a safety code in your robbery plan. This is a relic in a bag on the floor of the safe deposit box. Access the safe behind the product safe room.

Bank vault code: 60-23-06.

Gate West 2 Safe Code-Downtown

Find Gate West 2 under Madison and the Courthouse No. 5 and press the open gate to find the vault. Use the note “Use Gate Code” to browse the note to find the list of codes. Enter 04, 51.

Checkpoint gate code: 04, 51.

Thrift Shop Safe Code (Staci Number)-Capitol Hill

Check out the back room of the thrift store in the trip wire area. There is a note on the cork board on the right wall. It says that the Staci number is a secure code. The remaining numbers are on the wall of the bathroom on the left side of the washbasin.

safety code: 55-01-33.

Locker Room Safe Code (Soda Code)-Tunnel

Go to the office, in the tunnel, in the break room (with a small table and vending machine). Get a soft drink from the vending machine. Soda cans have a code. You have to guess the last two digits, but the game narrows down the options.

locker room code: 15243.

Chapter 3: Seattle Day 1 Safe Code

Car Repair Safety Code-Hill Crest

Get through the tattoo parlor and boost your business. Enter the car repair shop. You need to move the Recycle Bin to access it.

safety code: 30-82-65.

Apartment Bedroom Safe Code-Cera Fight

The door is locked, but can be accessed from the laundry room down the stairs (on the right) or by climbing the truck and entering through the window.

safety code: 10-08-83.

Safe Code in the Back Room of the Pharmacy-Cera Fight

When swimming, look for concrete / parking. Go to the pharmacy on the second floor and crawl through the holes in the wall to gain access to the back room.

safety code: 38-55-23.

Chapter 4: Seattle Day 3 Safe Code

Boat Safe Code-Flooded City

To keep the boat running, you need to manually open the warehouse door. Before you leave, go upstairs where debris is blocking your way-but you can move the pallet over the wheels sideways to crawl to the far end. Stop by the window and find yourself next to the boat in the cage with the safe.

safety code: 70-12-64.

Chapter 6 Safe Code

Big Win Lottery Secure Code-At your feet

After leaving the warehouse on a suspended boat, check the trailer for notes explaining that the code is still a big win! Look for the lottery on the cork board. Go to the building opposite the trailer, find the safe and open it.

Safe combo: 17-38-07.

Jasmine Bakery Safe Code-Hostile Area

When you enter the bakery, there is a safe behind the cash register.

safety code: 68-96-89.

Boasts a secure code-coast

After defeating the infected person on the boat, go to the deck. There is a safe on the side with the big hole.

safety code: 90-77-01.

Chapter 7 Safe Code

Apartment Bedroom Safety Code-Shortcut

There is a safe in the bedroom of the apartment building with DnD games on the table.

safety code Is 30-23-04.

Jim Safe (WiFi Password)-Descent

After leaving the first pool area, walk through the front door and you will see the gym. Opposite the gym (on the left side of the stairs) is a closet with a safe. Tip: The secure code is the same as the WiFi code in the waitroom.

safety code: 12-18-79.


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