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This is an explosive cocktail like a firecracker. Take three parts of the SRPG, one part of the roguelike, and the last dash of the spicy Musou to get a mix with bangs. Last Spell, which dropped a demo on Steam earlier this month, is proof of that-it’s a mess of glitter and small impacts that show some serious promises.

Isometric perspectives and pixel art-absolutely gorgeous and highly detailed pixel art-must be pointed out-is reminiscent of SRPG classics like Final Fantasy Tactics, and the setup is pretty much the same: Warrior’s Little Party Indulge in turn-based combat on the isometric map. There is a twist in that you are working on a single map, defending the magic ring in the center of the base-there are actually some-.

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Yes, in addition to being roguelike with your party and procedurally generated quarters, base defense is also taken into account. The final spell is divided into three easy-to-analyze sections-at night, deploying the team, undead the attack until dawn, and spending the resources gained to tool up the team during the day. (It feels good, and in fact the most important touch, the equipped gear is displayed on the avatar).

This is an established loop and it works wonders here, but it’s the style that really surprised me about The Last Spell. It’s not just the artwork, but I’m a fan of its details and understated dark fantasy styling-it’s also on the soundtrack, bringing back a horrifying mood, deliberately scoring John Carpenter’s scores and countless scratch 80’s. Horror is an evil synthesizer that reminds me of. The combat phase also has an edge, and the final spell willingly throws you a horde of enemies, giving you more than enough tools to fight back-the damage you do escalate rapidly and range of effect. The attack quickly defeats the entire crowd, as if you were through the game of Shin Sangoku Musou.

The final spell isn’t a finished article yet, and there are several ways to do it all-the balance isn’t perfect, the fate you’re left with at the beginning of a particular run often simplifies playthrough. It’s too hard or too hard, but here it’s an early stage for developer CCCP, with the intention of continuing to build on the foundation while the team reacts to player feedback. However, here you want to know how the last spell progresses and where it ends.


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