The latest beta update for Fractured adds production costs and city taxes – sorry

Fractured online Is in the midst of an always-on closed beta test with no end date, and yesterday suspended its beta event. Deploying new patches..

This update does not attempt to mitigate player complaints about in-game gold crushing. In fact, this is the exact opposite, as new craft fees and taxes will be introduced with the goal of draining cash from the game. “This system aims to introduce GoldSync into the game and reward cities that have decided to open their craft stations to the public,” says Dynamite. City fees depend on the whims of the elected governor, but creation fees will vary based on the location and hierarchy of the items you are creating.

“If you create from the Inventory Creation menu, you will not pay any gold, but all items (T1 weapons, common clothing, hidden armor) will be of poor quality. […] When you craft from a craft station, whether it’s a city or your home, you pay a basic gold fee plus (probably) taxes on the city that controls your city / region. .. Below is a list of basic charges. “

The patch also tweaks some animations to block PvP spawn camps (griefing) in the harbor.


Fractured’s latest beta update adds crafting fees and city taxes – sorry

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