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Poor Charlotte Flair. Put together three English words that you never imagined in one sentence. However, the text feels incredibly relevant as this soap opera between Lacey Evans, Ric Flair and Charlotte is pushing with the speed and momentum of an avalanche. For reasons beyond understanding, WWE wants to talk about a grown-up ass woman who can’t handle the fact that her grown-up ass father is like a relationship with another grown-up ass woman I think.

The story Leave Asuka to side B Does nothing to Rick or Lacy. It hurt Charlotte, but nothing more. Last mondayIt turns out that WWE is retreating Charlotte from being the queen she claims. In this story, Flair is nothing more than a moody child who refuses to grow.

WWE isn’t the best when it comes to continuity, as it means lately, half a dozen or so. It’s probably written on the blackboard, not the easel of the oil-based pen, who did what to whom. In fact, it’s probably written in Etch A Sketch. But big things are important, and it’s pretty big for Charlotte to drag his father on national television.The fact that she did it Twice In the same damn year it will be huge.

Yes, 5 years ago. And especially in wrestling, the bypassers are what they are and we understand it. But that’s why it makes 2021 storytelling so loose. Charlotte said in 2016 he didn’t need an old man. Has anything happened since then to prove her mistake? If anything, it’s the exact opposite. Over the years of her story, we have been taught and shown how tall Charlotte is when standing on his feet.

It’s hard to understand how the woman this achieved at this point in her life is so annoyed by the person her father chose to date. Sure, Lacy’s feelings may not be real, and Charlotte simply acts as a shelter. But from the look of things, she deals with potential daddy issues. Charlotte said she wasn’t a stranger to the woman who hit her dad in front of her. She passively and positively states that it is not new for Rick to spend time and money on everyone except his family.

And the mere sight of Lacy having an unrelaxed gal wearing a Nature Boy robe urged her to abandon her tag partner during a fairly important match. The word “groove” may be too kind, as she tagged herself and spit it out into the locker room. She wasn’t furious and didn’t do it urgently.She did her best Charlie brown Spoofing while the commentator sheds some tears in honor of her. Until proven otherwise, this has little to do with making sure Naitch isn’t making noise, and everything has to do with Charlotte’s jealousy.

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This “fight” is not about Lacy. At least not yet. Charlotte had the opportunity to put her hand in the middle of the Royal Rumble and barely breathed. If she’s really worried about Evans’s motives, she’ll handle it right away. This is WWE, making Ric Flair the epicenter of his daughter’s career. It’s completely unnecessary, but if they want it, there’s a better way to get the job done.

Make it about the daughter protecting the father. Make it about an adult daughter really establishing a boundary with her half-adult dad. Make it about Rick with tears in his eyes for a daughter who really follows in his footsteps by creating her own heritage in her own terms. Instead, there are two people who can’t let go of the past. The story, intended to sympathize with the 11th female champion, does the exact opposite, making her look sad in the process.

Daddy got a brand new blonde, which is bringing his daughter back to a time when Rick was never at home and a little unreliable. As a result, this 34-year-old woman is usually very focused and crazy about winning the championship at any cost, but sheds tears. She will soon become a 72-year-old father and she has a new girlfriend, effectively losing her title match.

Is this your queen?

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The latest flare family soap opera makes Charlotte look like a kid The latest flare family soap opera makes Charlotte look like a kid

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