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The Yankees reportedly took much of their attention DJ LeMahieuFree agent, there Not much talked about About the possibility of reunion between Masahiro Tanaka And the Bronx bomber. Tanaka recently commented on some of his future. Tweet Earlier today, he and his representatives stated that Tanaka did not impose any kind of restrictions on teams that may be considering playing after 2021.

The tweet follows a report suggesting that Tanaka is only considering returning to the Yankees or Nippon Professional Baseball, rather than signing another MLB club.It happened that Tanaka left the door to pitching in Japan open in an interview on the “All Night Nippon” radio show (Hatchip). Nikkan Sports), The possibility of returning to his home country is “Not zero.. Tanaka suggested that the pitching of the former NPB team, the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles, would be an ideal choice when returning home, but also said he would consider the Yomiuri Giants.

In a radio interview, Tanaka also suggested that he had not yet received a contract offer from a major league team. This seems unbelievable given the slow-moving nature of the free agent market this offseason.It seems that many teams, not just the Yankees, are playing waiting games, whether for a particular player or for a broader view of the entire market — where does the club look when it comes to pitching? May be waiting for Trevor Bauer We are waiting to see the sign, or where the traded object will land.That token allows businesses to pick it up now Yu Darvish And Blake Snell Both have moved, so it’s no wonder Tanaka begins to get more serious attention from the MLB club.

Rejoining the Golden Eagles or signing up for another NPB team is certainly considered a surprise. Tanaka is a solid investment for Major League Baseball teams seeking help with rotation. (MLB trade rumors Rank him 10th It is on the list of the top 50 free agents in the off-season. ) Tanaka posted rates of 3.56 ERA, 8.3 K / 9, and 5.50 K / BB in 2020, and the sample size of that 48 innings is roughly in line with his career total over seven major league seasons. With the Yankees. Given the speculation that the Yankees are trying to break the luxury tax standard, it seems unlikely that Tanaka will be re-signed, but this type of production is in New York, which lacks proven big league experience. You can imagine being welcomed by rotation. Unless LeMahieu signs it elsewhere, it will be a team priority.

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The latest information on Masahiro Tanaka-rumors of MLB trading The latest information on Masahiro Tanaka-rumors of MLB trading

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